Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Please blow the candles for me,will ya? I am 1 today

Today marks the first anniversary of my Blogging days, yes it has been 365 days and i survived and i shall continue to survive because through this one year,i have come across many blogger friends whom i have never met and yet we share certain kind of bonding and affirnity.

Seriously,if it is not for the comments and the visits you guys given to me, i would really think i would not have survived this long lest talking about making money from blogging. I remember when i first started, i was so zealous about it, writing and writing, visiting and visitng, commenting and commenting, and when someone asking me to add him or her, i would so happily obliged,and back then my blog was filled with names and more names, some promised to visit back and some never did come back, some gave flowery comments with the flowers dying the next day, some said how much they love my blog of which i never saw their names again.

Like i said, along the way, those that have stayed and those have encouraged me with utmost sincerity, i love to tell you guys this " I truly appreciate it".

Blogging has indeed given me a lot of good feeling and it has given a lesson well learnt, one needs to give first in order to receive, therefore i will continue to visit you guys and leave some funny and sincere comments from what i read from your blog, and together will shall give one another our support and love for sure, love you guys...

So, please sing me a happy birthday 1 year old blogging song,will ya?

P/S, Let us be famous together,OK?


  1. Congratulations,

    i'm singing with you bro :D

  2. I'd rather not be famous if i can have friends like you and the rest of my blogging friends.

    happy Birthday Bold Talk. :-D

  3. Oh! u r 1 today!

    Happy Birthday!


  4. Eugene...congrats..keep up the good job! =)

  5. Hapi Bday to U
    Hapi Bday to U
    Hapi Bday to Eugene's blog
    Hapi Bday to U!!!!

    May you have many more bdays to come...

    hapi blogging!

  6. Happy Birthday!

    Keep up the good work my friend. :)

  7. Same here bro.
    I tot u were around longer.
    Happy first birthday.

  8. Happy Birthday!
    Mine next month...

  9. heloo, yeahh...happy blogversary!

  10. Selamat hari jadi!


    keep blogging! I will be here to celebrate your blog 2nd birthday too! :P

  11. Congratulations..and happy anniversary..lets keep blogging..healthier than chatting kekekkekeee,....

  12. *blows candles* wishing you many more years of blogging and me following you. cheers and god bless :)

  13. Keep on blogging and happy birthday bloggie bold-talk

  14. The new header pic is in conjunction with your celebration?
    It's a LOVELY pic =D

    Happy Blogday, friend!

  15. One year already!?

    Congratulations on your first anniversary, bro!

    All I can say, you've been very CONSISTENT in this one year!


  16. happy belated bold talk!!!sorry for the late wishes..=P


    Looking forward to more posts!


  18. Happy birthday to ur blog...and congrats! Keep up the good work!