Saturday, April 18, 2009

This friday, a dedication for you my dear...

My wife is going away from for 2 days, about 450 kms the distance, so my friday would not be the same without her, kind of lonely though, thank GOD, i have still got two boisterious and loving boys be at my side.

There is a Chinese saying that says " A temporar separation(not because of a fight,one,ok?) feels lots better than the feeling of just got married, but as for me, her sojourn will really makes me miss her more, and long to be with here the soonest.

So, this friday, i will digress from my usual friday's stuff, and as i just got back from a drink with my friends, totally not enjoying myself without her by myself, rushed back, and just wanting to pen down my thoughts about her.

It has been 13 years now, that we have been married, and i really thank god for such a wonderful gift from god in the form of my wife, sometimes words just cant really express what we feel inside,but i know deep inside me, she is the one for me now, tomorrow, next Christmas and many many Christmas to come.

I just really want to say,,,,,,, I Love You. Girl (that's my term of endearment)

P/S, Truly, Madly, Deeply in love with you


  1. Yup..treasure what we have is a special gift and Im sure you are the one in her heart too

  2. You're such a sweet guy.Your wife is lucky!

  3. hehe... an everlasting vow... keep it up,man