Friday, April 17, 2009

Who says i cant do it........

Let you know a little bit more about myself, you see i have this uncanny way of haggling and negotiating untill i could get something of which many would hava given up trying...i am not a sucker for cheap frills nor am i miser, i just feel that if i could get a little more by speaking a little, prostesting a little, complimenting others a little, pressuring others a little and why not.

Just last year,my wife subscribed to the Broadband service from Maxis of which she was required to be contracted for one year service, any termination of service before the expiry date of the contract would result in a penalty fees which they beautifully term as "handling fees" of RM200.

To be frank, after not so long using the said service, both my wife and i were utterly dismayed by the slow internet connection provided, so half way through, we decided to call it off and wanting to terminate the line for good, that's when the battle began.

We went to Maxis office, we were told there was no way the handling fees of RM200 could be waived, i demanded to speak to the higher rung personal, was given the same answer. Just when my wife was feeling distraught and deranged with the whole running around and not getting the result, she was ready to give up the fight and to pay the RM200.

So i took this mission upon myself, i called the toll-free HQ, spoke to the person in charge, i asked the girl, can she make decision on this issue, if she cant then i would not want to elaborate and demanded that i'd speak to the person concerned, but seriously up to this point, it was still to no avail, and i decided to my last resort before i'd give up.

I wrote an email up to the highest rung possible and defended my decision in terminating my line, and telling them how faitful we have been their customer and this is not the way that we should be treated by slapping us with a RM 200 fees for the service not up to the mark.

Like i said, you fight a little, protest a little, sweet talk a little, complement others a little, the chances are you stand to win the fight, so in this case i emerged a victor not the vanquished. So for the RM200 saved, i would go and buy myself a fancy necklace i've long wanted.

P/S : It is not over till it's over and done with,, keep trying


  1. Bro,
    Don't use Maxis, use Celcom. I use the Celcom broadband basic, cost RM68 per month which I find good connectivity wherever I go. I just came back from Sandakan, to my surprise, ada connection dekat Kg Dongod, a ulu area somewhere in Telupid, about 150km from Sandakan town. But a bit slow, 56kbps because only GPRS available. Otherwise, the speed quite fast in Seremban town, the basic package that I used is only 384kbps, but if there is HSDPA connectivity, it will be fast.

  2. hey eugene..i have a few cases still pending.. like for instance, my car insurance, after one year, still waiting for my loss of use compensation...
    perhaps u can help me haggle and disturb them too?? :)

  3. yeAH bro.... keep harping on it and they will give in. Talk to those who can make decision but gotta be patience. eh..necklace for u or wife ?

  4. i also fight for what i think is right! good job!

  5. Eugene, I should learn this from you...perseverance is the word. Good job!!!

  6. too bad, i'm not good with haggling & sweet talk tho'... next time must bring u along with me, Hahahaha =D

  7. Quite impressive given you're not a girl and yet can get away with it, hehe. Have a great weekend Eugene, perhaps a nice dinner for the wifey since you got extra RM200 to spend :)

  8. Wow.. RM200 can get u a very worthy necklace indeed! have a nice weekend! :)

  9. you're one persistent man, arent you?....lolz. id do the same, if i were you. but most of the time, id be the fallen one. got to teach me how to do it :)

  10. Congrats, bro. You really are determined, I liked your spirit. Hv a great week ahead!

  11. Yup..Maxis not really good la especially at Sabah..Im using Celcom. More stabil and further this brand (Celcom) have more connectivity at Sabah. The reason why I choosed Celcom

    1) Connectivity and area coverage
    2) Established at market for more than 20years
    3) Has gain in market shared
    4) Convenient

    Anyway, I should learn the 'nego tactic' from you la..hehehee...Happy weekend!!

  12. wow,should start a lesson for us lor, so we can save more, perhaps add another zero behind the 2000