Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Now everyone knows you..Susan Boyle

Guess i could be as guilty as everyone else if i were to be there in the audience in that reality show"Britian Got Talent" when this 47 year old lady, clad in a house coat liked dress, not a single part of hers could be considered singer material like the previous winner Leona Lewis came on the stage, you could literally see the audience's expression, none seemed to favour this 47 old lady.

I checked Susan Boyle out from Youtube, when she came on to the stage, she got kind of scorn at, looks of disbelief filled the whole auditorium, it was as if someone was saying "come on, go home Susan, dont make a joke out of yourself". To be frank, i was totally amazed with the self confidence that she exuded before she started singing given the fact that the situation was not kind to her, she kept smiling and cracked a little joke here and then.(Go check her out to identify with wha i say)

When she finally sang, the whole audience was captivated, enchanted, and now they knew that they were wrong about Susan Boyle, her performance without style and pomp,only with her angelic voice truly wooed the crowd over.

Now the question is, can Susan Boyle be as famous as Leonna Lewis, will any record company willing to sign her on, producers to invest in her, to transform her into Elaine Page(that's Susan Boyle's dream of becoming another Elaine Page),the conclusion is will you and i buy Susan Boyle's album if it did come out when all the hype and sensation about Susan Boyle finally fading away.

She is definately not William Hung, she has the god's gifted voice, i hope someone out there is willing to make her fly.

P/S : Can we really be ourselves like Susan Boyle did?


  1. just dont judge a book by its cover... :)

  2. How fast we are to judge people very quickly by just looking at how they look huh? Well, she is one brave lady I would say and she managed to prove the world wrong for a start. Lets hope the world would be kind to give her a chance to blossom even more.

  3. i watched the youtube last nite.. she was like the other salesman the previous time.. dont judge the looks.. their voices were really gifted to sing..

  4. ya i know her :) hihi... nicey isnt it?

  5. people always judge the looks before checking out their talent oh

    cheers bro