Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My First strand of hair

It is always very nice as far as i am concerned to spend the last few moments of the evening before i retire to sleep together with my sons, we would usually play,jokes, talk, share, laugh and we really enjoy ourselves during these moments.

Believe or not, at times my lovely sons would come out with some ingenius games and names during these times we share together. Just the other night, my yongest son (Marvell) came out a game which he clevery called it "RAMPAGE" where he would put me down in between the two of them, and start tossing to whichever side possible, and we would always end up laughing and laughing.

But sometimes some serious yet funny topics would just come out as well, for example, last night,out of a sudden, my eldest son(Jovial) asked me "Papa, when will my first strand of pubic hair come out?) and cheekily i replied " do you see it coming out already?", he followed "No" then i reciprocated"Please let Papa know,when it does come out,ok" and naively he said " yes papa", and we just had a great laugh out of this.

Seriously, you might not think what i'd shared is anything funny at all but as a father to these two lovely,wonderful boys, i know i would treasure every moments spent with them.

P/S : I could stay awake,just to hear your breathing,watch you smile while you're sleeping.


  1. hahaha cant wait huh? if the child a boy, its the pubic hair.. if the child's a girl, it's period!!

  2. i think when it comes, he will be a lil shy to

  3. i doubt he will tell you.
    but it'll be supercool if he did!!!