Monday, April 27, 2009

Card me out, will ya?

I love going shopping with my wife,just the two of us, hand in hand, enjoying the air conditioned atmosphere, and doing what we like best..... shopping.

But there is one thing that i loathe so much when entering any shopping complexes,one will see a bee-line of these credit cards vendors, armed with their gears of getting people to signing up with them, most often than not, one is not easily eluded from these credit card agents ever so alertness.

I always try to be nice and declining them subtly and walk off, but there are incidences whereby, the credit card vendor continue to walk abreast with you to a distance and keep harping you to sign up and trying to entice you with all sorts of useless free gifts, and if you still persist in saying no, they quickly change their sales tactic to be more begging (sorry for using this term)they would say something like this" Please lah, sir,just sign up and you can cancel it after six months or please sing up lah sir,i have not closed any sales today, i missed out on my target"

I am sure you guys have once or far too many times faced with the same situation, please share with me, what one or two incidents that really erupted you into a burning inferno.

P/S : I loathe is so much, when people dont act it professionally, you've got a job to do but i've got mine too


  1. i experienced that too in Tesco.. case just like yrs..after no choice, he told me he has no biz today , please help him.. and i replied..sorry la..sorry la...

  2. I experience that in every single shopping mall that i go to. i'll just boldly tell them NO even if they begged on their knees. I don't intend to be cruel la, and I know they're trying to earn a living. However, one has the right not to be harrassed, and one has the right to decline anything.

    One thing that we learn from all this is that TIMES ARE HARD now. those who have work to do should be grateful no matter how much you earn is better than earning zero.

  3. I had the same experience before. And I just said sorry no, as it's so troublesome to cancel a card.

    Btw, my colleague gives me a tip - tell them you would like to apply but you are not working. For sure the sales people will walk away. Hahaha

  4. LOL....there's only one way to settle this kind of people. i always use tis. i make one welfare face, and said.... "Eh... I can apply meh? my salary below 1.5k la. Eh, if you can help me, help me laaa...." Den Eugene, must add this summore. "Last time horr, I apply (insert your bank of choice) many many times worr, but they keep reject. I oso dono how!"

    I did this a lot of time, all oso never bother me ever again!

  5. My hubs will say.. "dah ada, dah ada"... n walk away. then they come after me, i'll say, "talk to my boss" pointing to my hubs.. n they walk away! ahahahahaha.. simple ler..

  6. just ignore la.. lol..
    walk faster away..haha..

  7. Experience it..worst things is they asked you to sign the empty forms!!! by saying they will help you to fill in...I really dont like this kind of attitude. The firms should train them well