Saturday, April 25, 2009

Marriage comes early or late,, does it matter?

My status in the customery Chinese hierarchy standing will be altered entirely tomorrow, sounds so serious, does'nt it? Dont fret, i am only trying too be a bit bombardstic since the weekend is here. But then again, it is still the truth, because comes tomorrow, one of my many nephews will be walking down the aisle, and from the status of uncle, i shall be ascended to the status of grand uncle,(if you know what i mean, my nephew calls me uncle, and who shall call me grand uncle?)

This nephew of mine is only 24, and i sincerely hope and pray that he will have a wonderful marriage for the many many years to come, and on top of that, i hope my nephew and his wife are fully prepared to weather any storm that may arise because i strongly believe marriage is not always a bed of roses and this leads me thinking about so many issues about marriage, how to sustain a marriage, how to make marriage works and etc.

I am a strong believer in keeping the marriage vow, especially the part where it says something like this "for riches, and poor, for sickness and for health, for sorrow and for joy and till death do us part" but is getting married at the age of 24 makes any difference with one getting married at the age of let say 32 ? I guess it does to certain extent, especially when it comes to finance and all the enticements. Quite a number of my friends(my male friends) who got married at early 20s or mid 20s have suffered marriage breakdown, most often than not it is the guy's problem that involved extra marital affairs, and that is of course something to do with sex.

May be we may say that the world has changed, and sex and everything about it is not a taboo anymore, i may just say sex is as easy as getting into 7/11, pick up a condom or two, and you can have them used on someone, besides that at that age if you are slightly nice looking, suave and a sweet talker, it can even be whole lot easier.So to keep marriage alive and lasting when getting married at that age requires more self control,self restraint and self discipline, and i bet it will be harder at this age.

Secondly,when it comes to finance, if you are an average joe and suddenly if you are faced with different financial responsibility and you were not at all prepared for, arguments, misunderstanding and whole lot more, and all this will surely and slowly put a dent on the marriage.

I am not being pessismistic about marriage, i am just being pragmatic, we all have to be taught about marriage, the good sides and the bad sides, talk about sex that kills and sex that heals and lastly we need to be taught of the scaredness of marriage.

As far as i am concerned, marriage is like getting into the maze,it is easy to get it,but it takes a lot of trials and errors to come out and sex with a "faithfull partner" is like playing yo-yo, keep playing, and keep coming out with new and exciting tricks and it shall continue to be exciting till your dying day hahahahahahah.

P/S : Congratulation to Deon and Ivy, i know you guys can have a wonderful marriage if your heart desire


  1. wah..dont frighten the young birds leh... so many do and donts.. haha..

    ok, serious notes..yes, marriage is a journey to a destination and along the way..sure have some ups and downs..
    but above all, marriage is the most memorable moment...

  2. I think it's all depends on the person himself, whether he/she is having the right attitude towards relationship and marriage. There are people that I know get married after just dating for few months, and still happily stay in the marriage. There are also people that I know have been dating for more than 10 years, have a son too but divorce within first few years of marriage.

    The key is you have to be happy. No point stay in marriage, if just by title let say cant divorce due to the children, but no happiness.

  3. well anyone who marries at any age without good financial standing is just asking for trouble. So it doesn't matter whether you're 20 or 40 years old, if you're financially insecure, it's better to be single rather than depending on others to support you, your wife and your kids later. Of course, the other thing to consider is mental & emotional maturity. :)

    If the whole idea of getting married is just to let go of your lust and get a license to have sex, and more sex then sorry - it's the wrong choice. The marriage won't last.

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  5. It doesn't matter. I married young and I'm now very happy and still pretty much in love with my husband. What thing that mattered most is if you have the courage, wisdom and strength to embark on the marriage journey together.

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  7. Congrats to your nephew Eugene. I think marriage is a journey full of ups and downs. End of the day it's how much you love your other half and how much you're willing to compromise for him/her.

  8. Maturity is's different with age..some in young age but matured thinking and good decision..some..we can said ADULT but act like a kids..

    Maturity is important..bonus with financial secure