Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A night to be remembered........

Last saturday was the wedding of my nephew Deon and his lovely wife, it was a small scale wedding reception where only relatives and closed friends were invited, it was mostly family affair.

I was demostrating to the guests, how to love your partner with loads of hugs and kisses,,hahaha Love Guru i was), not exactly, i was only trying to entertain the guests and put some fun into the dinner by making myself a scarificial lamb on the alter, so that everyone else could have a laugh when the lamb was slaughtered

Lips locking with my wife for the first time infront of 100 odd people, and i truly enjoyed it as well. Sorry Deon, your uncle was not trying to outdo you, but i could kiss better than you do and that's the fact,ok, ok. dont fret, i am 44 and you are only 24, but the time you get where i am now, i bet you could be 100 folds better than i am, i bet my bottom dolloar on that, but then again, you can only kiss one.

Managed to patch things up a little here and there with my eldest sister (standing 2nd on the right and the love of her life, wishing them happy ever after as well)

My second sister Iris with her son (the groom), that day was sure the happiest day of her life, seeing your child getting married.

My oldest nephew Ernest (the yellowed hair, and the the one i have not showered enough love upon when he was younger) standing next to his girlfriend Loiusa (of German parentage), do these brothers look alike?

My youngest sister standing next to my mother who was smiling as if she had just had a windfall, you cant blame the old lady for the joy, i guess seeing your grandson getting married is every old folk's dream, and soon she will have her first great grand child delivered to her door stop,to her it is going to be another god send

I was holding Ivy's hand in the gesture of telling her and accepting her formally to our family, and assuring her that being her new uncle, i will be there for them when they need me.

I dont like going to wedding, but i can tell you this, attending the wedding of my nephew Deon was exceptional for the following reasons, 1) it was my first nephew's wedding 2) I could see that my family were all immersed with true happiness and joy 3)i was to note that my family is getting bigger 4) yes i would soon becoming a grand uncle.

P/S : Once again, my most sincere wish to my nephew Deon and Ivy that happiness is always attainable if your hearts so desire


  1. Wow your wife looks gorgeous!

    Gratz and best wishes to your nephew and his wife.

  2. you eldest nephew is my idol man....lolz. you sure you were sober when you were kissing you wife. your face was pretty red.. :)

  3. hehe... one for all the bloggers.. esp the males, u hear??? Eugene is showing his leadership by example..so shape up, MEN!

  4. what are you talking about leadership by example, my dear claire?

  5. funny post. it was indeed sweet when you kissed your wife in front of all those people. =)

  6. somehow my goose pimples reacted...u really have the guts eugene. but not all men can be that generous in public that's for sure!

  7. You guys look so awesome together!

  8. You have so beautiful moment. Every one happy.

    Smile to all of you.