Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Will Mr Anonymous please stand up !!!!!

The advent of BLOG has really opened up a new experience in its very own uniqueness for everyone of us to have some says in expressing ourselves, it is just human that we sometimes want to rant, blabber or they say let go the steam, and BLOG has just the right platform for us to do just that.

And as for many of us blog junkies, sometimes we might just get carried away in writing down in our blog something that we feel so strongly about, which might inadvertantly offend some readers in some ways, but as a responsible bloggers, i think many of us would agree that we are responsible in what we write, and we really do expect from time to time people leaving nasty comments in your blog, and some even use to scorn us in sending emails to us.

I strongly hold steadfastly to this saying that " we must learn to agree to disagree," i might not be in total agreement in what you say or vice versa, but the least one can do even if you felt that you have been offended, is to let us know who you are, instead of attacking someone with vulgarity, and obscenity.

I am not a SOPO blogger, but sometimes i really feel so strongly about some political issues that i really must get them off my chest, so i blog, but as they warn, writing something politically rightly or wrongly, we were told that we would be courting with problems, but please excuse me, i am a responsible citizen, and we bloggers sometimes just write what we feel, and that's all. For example, i think most of our politicians are not up to the mark be if from the ruling and opposition parties, as the country is facing th hardest economic situation of all times, and yet they are still happily embroil in power scuffle.

P/S : So If I Have Offended You with My Words, Please Let Me Know Who You Are


  1. *salute*... well said Eugene.. we r bloggers..we r not Gods.. we r simple citizens earning a living and hoping to have peace with one another, regardless of what colour we r, no matter how rich or poor.. we r just creations of God..

  2. Those anonymous are coward actually. They don't want to write anywhere but looking for something to buzz us back. But yeah, not all the anonymous are the same. It just the matter of mind and attitude.

    For me, if they don't want to read, and critique us crazily, they should just close the window..

    Agree with you Uncle. We hold the responsible..

    P/S: I changed my layout. I hope that it'll be easier for you to view it..=)

  3. I like this!
    but in some company they spy on their staff by watching over their blogs then give warning, thats why i dont really show my face and full name but neither m i an anonymous.:)

  4. agree with what zara said, those anonymous are cowards. if they don't like our blog contents, they can always choose to leave instead of leaving nasty comments.

    so, you received hate mails? *curious*