Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Where are you now ?

Has it ever occured to you that once or many times in your LIFE there was or there were some person that had made that lasting impression in your life, and suddenly you are drawn to the question as where is she or he or where are they now?

As i was fiddling with my computer and towards the end of another working day yesterday, i had sometime to spare before i headed home, i went to FACEBOOK to take a brief tour to see the updates of my friends and to check out any messages that they would had left for me, and out of sudden, all my attention, focus and energy was drawn to a little box of search engine in FACEBOOK, that says search by name.

And indeed, there was this girl friend that i had failed to keep in touch for over 2o years now, and i was moved by this urge to search her name there, so full of anticipation and excitement, so i wrote in the little search box, the name Tanny Ooi, there were so many links appeared but none matched my intenton.

So again, i changed the name from left to right and in whatever sequence i deemed possible, and again i was barraged with the negative result one after another, not wanting to give up, i used the search "by school" icon,and finally.....................

Yes finally, i was served with another dissappointment, and all my hope and excitement was shattered, and looking at the clock that appeared in the little corner of my PC, i had actually used 27 minutes to search for this Tanny Ooi or Ooi Tan Nee。

Man, how i wish there was this search engine that could locate the whereabout of someone we intend to get hold of by only matching the old photos we have, instead of names, email, school or working place, would'nt it be good that way.

I was thinking to myself, why there was this strong urge or determination to look for this girl friend of mine, and after i had turned off my PC, i realized that in fact she had in a way brought some joy and happiness to me, when i was in my early 20s, and sometimes this sweet memory lingers. She was someone, ...oops better not to elaborate

So, as for you, is there any person that you had lost and you really wanted to reconnect, share your story with me,ya?

P/S : A note for my wife, dear Tanny came before you, so dont worry about it.hahahaha


  1. ok, now that u reminded me.. perhaps i also search for my ex boyfriends in Facebook.. :)

  2. now where's the rotan.....lol. i had quite a number of girl friends (note the space) that i searched in fb. found some of 'em, added some of 'em but was also was treated with the silent treatment from 'em. guess, i was not the handsome bloke they were interested in..... :P

  3. Hahahaha..ya..If I know whereabout my 1st ex, sure I want to know what happen to him now..being in long relationship doesnt mean belong to you..hehehhee..

    Anyway, I feel funny the short note u wrote for your wife..hahhaha..