Monday, March 02, 2009

The End of The Road.......

I was told by a good friend yesterday that another friend that we both know was told by the doctor that he'd had got two weeks left before he would succumb to terminal lung cancer, and i was even told that this friend was so badly battered by this deadly disease that almost got him disfigured.

When my friend asked me if i wanted to follow him to pay this cancer stricken friend a visit or probably the last one too, i said no to him not that i cant just make a friend happy during the last few moments of his life but it was just that i dread to see a friend groans and moans in the agony of the disease, and may be my comforting words like "dont worry, you'll be all right, or hang in there my friend, they would be miracle" would spell any relief for him, the fact is that he would really succumb to cancer and the time is ticking away.

My only hope for this friend of mine now is that, all his suffering and torment will be wiped out as soon as they surfaced, and his life on earth would end quickly, and that's the real relief.

P/S, to my friend Blackie, adios


  1. It is always tough and hard to see one suffering. Been there done that.

    It is all part of life. Some of us know that making a lie wouldn't cause a hurricane in the other side or a miracle to happen.

    But i know, for the last moment of a person's life, besides whoever they want to visit in the afterlife, they would also like to meet ppl close to them, to be there in the last drip of moment.

    Thats what i think tho. =)

  2. that is sad.. i also dont know what comforting words to say .. except ask him to trust in the Lord.. last minute, everyone needs might be the only consolation...

  3. I agree, in such a situation he can only turn to GOD and hope the journey would be a smooth one.

  4. this is sad bro, i've been in this situation before, there's no comforting words to say ... may be prayer is good

  5. Lets do the chain prayers..his name Blackie? I'll pray for him...