Friday, March 27, 2009

Who are you exalting anyway ?

A christian friend i bumped into during my usual coffee break venue asked me did i still go to church, of which i meekly replied yes and no. Every time when my christian friends ask me this particular question, i try to dodge it whenever possible, i dont know why they want to ask me this question,or could it be that they are trying to show concern, if that is the case then a simple "how are you keeping ?is suffice in my opinion or is it because if i dont go to church, i will be lesser a christian and thus i am exposed to all those of temptations.

Ok, back to my friend that i bumped into, she was not willing to let me off the hook about me not giving her a concrete answer as to go to churh or not. During the whole question, no question was asked about my family, my business but all questions revolved around why i not going to church,or it is important going to church,how can i stop going to church. On top of that she was beginning to promote to me that her church had got this famous or reknown pastor from Korea coming to her church, that i should not miss the chance of catching him preaching, she could not stop telling me how anointed and gifted that preacher was, i was sitting feeling agitated and not wanting to offend an old church friend, i kept my cool.

Everytime i tried to digress the topic of going to church or not, she was just not willing to let me go, moreover she began to tell me how her church would be rebuilt to a even bigger church because those rich christians in her church donating handsomely to the church. Ok, by this point, she had already driven me to the max, i raised my voice slightly higher, and i started shooting her with my questions.

I asked, who exactly are you exalting ? God or that famous preacher from Korea, or those rich christians in her church ? She was dumbfounded and i went on the offensive, i told her not even once in your conversation you gave thanks to the ONE above, not even once you shared with me how your big church would impact the community and helping out the needy.

I stood up and excused myself for being late for work and telling her even i if dont go to church, that doesnt make me a bad human, even if i dont listen to that famous preacher's sermon, that wont make me weaker a human either, and finally for those rich christians in her church, instead of building bigger and bigger church,they should build more orphanages and sponsoring more poor students i said to her

I am sorry, i knew she was furious but then again, stop telling me something i regard as fallacy.

P/S : The conclusion is fear GOD,and keep his commandments


  1. For me, whether i go to temple, whether i pray or not, it doesnt matter, as long as I do not do bad things... Do u agree?

  2. wah..eugene losing his cool..i dare not go near him today..
    cool man, c00l..
    as for going to church, i m not going to comment ..
    i always believe that i should not judge a person lest i be judged too.. never talk bad about ppl not going cos i hv to take a plank out of my eye first before taking a speck out from that person's eye..

    in conclusion, if concerned, all i can do or u can do is to pray to our God Almighty, didnt He say, "all those who are tired and weary, come to me... "

  3. People can 'see' God in you if you keep His words and do what He want.. no need to tell others that you are the good followers by telling that and that..

  4. i agree with reana. one does not go to church acting holy but at the back, wears a mask with tonnes of skeleton in the closet. my family and i go to church to learn more about God, to walk in His ways. Church is in your heart wherever you go. just as long as we remember Him daily. and church politics is so rampant nowadays. looking up to those rich christians becoz they offer tonnes of money is so lame. makes me wanna puke.

  5. hi thx for ur encouragement. i guess its matthew 6.33 huh? haha. hv a good day :)

  6. Haha u r same as my hubby - Christian but not going to church. I believe there must be a reason for you not going to church (same as my hubby). I agreed with Calvin - Church is in your heart wherever you go.

  7. agreed. many of my same religion friends love questioning my mother for not being able to come out for religion activities. they never even try to find out why she cannot come out. just say u SHOULD come for activities. sigh....

  8. Hi, how you doin'?
    I always get questions of why I am not a Christian!
    One or two even told me when I die will not go to Heaven.

    My reply was, "not to worry, got friends up there will give me free pass".

    I have always believe hands that help is Holier than lips that pray.
    Best regards, Lee.

  9. Ahhhh, pooo eeyyyy....! I hate that kinda people. She's worshiping the God or the preacher for Korea? She's being thankful and grateful for what God has given her or was in awe of the contributions made to the church? From your article, it seems that she's fanatic about the worldly things, and not the God himself.

    And whoever says going to church makes a man or woman a better person? That is wrong. Millions in the world does not go to church or any worship place and yet they are excellent in their own ways.

    Btw, this world is God's church. His eyes are everywhere, and He work in mysterious ways. Who the fuck says that God only lend his hands in church???? TMD!

  10. I'm dumbfounded! Maybe, your Christian friend has her own point of view and I understand the annoyance you get from her. Cool, it brother. Remember that God's arms are always open wide to welcome you. God bless!

  11. Eugene, hope she learn something from this. It is not the pastor, or the size or the money. People do learn to reprioritize.

    I however, disagree that all is the same. As i can't speak for others, i was humbled then by the bible when I was justifying my actions. "Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.Hebrews 10.25" .

    People avoid church for many reasons.. mainly cause of the people. But church ain't perfect cause the people ain't.

    But why God wants us to go? To me, to learn to love those who are less ( and they to love us cause we maybe we are the weak link) and keeps our feet on the ground that we are human who depend on God. And secondly, cause it is a huge test.. haha .. of obedience to His commands. What is harder than to want to be faithful in a challenging environment.

    To each will make decisions, do consider this verse that i find useful in my walk. GB.

  12. Hi, I was just blog browsing when I came to your blog.

    I just wanted to say that I think you just proved that you are a more true Christian than your friend. Being Christian is not about going to church every Sunday, it's about being honest to the people you meet and to yourself. There is no point going to church, raising your hands up high and praising God with your mouth when you use the same hand to steal and the same mouth to curse. Being a Christian begins from within you, not the church. Opps sorry, I didn't mean to preach.

    I too have had experiences from people who tell me I'm not a true Christian because I don't take the Bible literally and because I take the effort to learn other religion. So kudos.

  13. Hi Eugene,

    Commenting on religious issues is a rather difficult thing to do, but like what Josephine has said, it's doesn't matter whether you go to a place of worship at all. What matters most is whether you have a pure heart and a heart of gold.

    We have seen pious humans going in and out of the temple, church and mosque but their attitude is nothing worth mentioning.

    I guess some people feel insecure when they don't go to a place of worship; they believe that prayers could not be done at home. They believe the only place to be closer to God is by being THERE.

    Ignore these people politely. As long as you know who you are, and as long as you do good, be good and see good always, you're on the correct Path.

  14. Spot on Eugene, I would have said the same. Instead of building bigger churchers they could use the money for charity, help the needy in time of need. Bravo for voicing out your stand :)