Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rock "n" Roll Friday...

After visiting claire's blog the other day, i thought it would be nice to do like what she did on her post encouraging her readers to answer about all things music, music and music, bringing some sweet memories,,,,,,

What the heck,you dont have to be serious today for it is crazy Friday, right?

OK, Keep it simple and brief, if you could answer all questions correctly,i will dedicate a post on my blog about You and your blog on Monday,that's the reward.......

1)Name the title of a song which is a duet of two very famous black male singers highlighting the plight of the victims of domestic violence.

2)"So Many Nights, I sat by my window, Waiting for someone to sing me His song, so many days........" Question : What is the name of this singer's father?

3)What is the title of the song from Simple Plan that talks about cancer?

4)"Why dont you do what you do and did what you did to me, i was crazy for you, you were crazy for me..........Question: Name the famous brother of this singer ?

5)What is the name of a famous group that uses one of the books in the old testament in the bible ?

6)Randomly,please name five songs lyrics which have the word "Rain" in them?

7)What is the name of this famous singer that named himself after an animal and who married a famous model,and who was also featured in the OST of Batman ?

6)"I shot the sheriff, but i didnt shoot the deputy" Question: Who sang this song?

7)"I am private dancer, dance for the money, do what you what me to do, i am private dancer........" Question: How old is this singer ?

8)The intro of Flo Rida's "Right Round" is the cover of what 80's song ?

9)"Bailamos, let the rhytm take you,bailamos, te quiero amor mio, wanna live this night forever..........." Question : What is the name of the father of this famous singer ?

10)"When you were born into this world,mom and dad saw a dream fullfilled, a dream came through,the answer to their prayer" Question: Where's this singer from?

P/S : I am a little bit country, I am little bit rock and Roll, Dont know what's good or bad but i know i love you so..........................take care my friends and have a great weekend


  1. have a great weekend too Uncle..

    interested to watch Talentime by Yasmin Ahmad? Going to watch that tomorrow..=)

    Uncle, I also have TGIF question in my blog~

  2. wei.. why so complicated one.. aiyoh.. i can answer a few only.. . like Pat Boone, Delilah is the song in the bible i think but dont know which group sang...
    and rain, rain go away, rhytm of the rain, (eeeee...2 only la)
    chey.. i failed already...
    but i dont think anyone can get 10/10... hahahahaha...

    Calvin, how????? boleh tolong sini? this eugene ah...nasib baik u r not a teacher la..

  3. nice new header u got there eugene.. i fail lah.. dunno any of the answers to ur quest..

  4. aiyo.....this is like taking an exam lar. don't want my brain to go cuckoo this weekend over this. sorry reana, can't help you. i have trouble reading the questions.... :P

  5. i love fridays.. coz i dont have classes on that day... so i have 3 days for my weekends! =P

  6. T_T i'm gonna have to pass this susah, i dun even know a thing! OMG!

  7. wah .. overly deep stuff lar man. simpler questions can ar ^^

    If you change to simpler questions, email me ya, I come over and try ;)

  8. bro...that was tough!!! Don't think I want to stress myself on a friday night ... :P

  9. I don't know rock n' roll so much so I don't know the answers.

    Just dropped by to say "Hi!" and thanks for visiting my page.

    Answer to your question: I think it's either pancit or lumpia( Filipino spring roll). Not totally sure. hehehe

  10. 1 How long
    2 Pat Boone
    3 Save You
    4 Michael Jackson
    5 Genesis
    6 Crying in the rain/Blue Eyes crying in the rain/Have you ever seen the rain/Who will stop the rain/Just waling in the rain etc etc etc
    7 Seal
    6 Eric Clapton
    7 69
    8 You spin me round (like a record) - Dead or Alive
    9 Julio Iglesias
    10 Philippines

  11. wah,..sitar pooi is so geng.. yes, eugene..she deserves the award.. and i wont get jeles for not getting.. hahaha