Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I could have been otherwise, sexually...

When checking out PCFoong's blog during lunch, was awestruck by the title of his lastes post, "Is Homosexuality a choice ?" There were so many comments given by his readers,and yours truly is one of them too, i care too believe there is or there are no particular conditions that would change one to a homo, you may say it could be due to inborn hormone defiency or imbalance or any other reasons, but that it self cannot establish that one is destined to be a homo, that's solely my opinion.

As a parent and as a father to two wonderful sons, i know i have a crucial responsibility to expose my sons in the area of sex and sexuality at anytime i deem right and ripe, i also know that it is inevitable for them to feel confused, curious, inquisitive about anything about sex or even their own sexuality. I am not trying to make sure that they have to go up "straight" but i need to instill in them what sex is all about, the understanding of it, the dark side of it and their duty towards their own sexuality, again it shall all be told when time is right and ripe

I strongly believe children (at the appropriate age) should be told about sex and sexuality, just to make them known what is wrong and right, and how they can protect themselves from being abused sexually. We have read about those sexually abused children , and just imagine the stigma these little angels have to suffer longer than they thought they could. I reckon that child abuse cases can be controlled, if the children know that their parents are open to them about sex,and they can run to their parents for protection when they are being sexually harassed even for the very first time.

I remember growing up as a teen full with the "Bees and Honey"questions, i so clamored to know all things sex but i could not get any. There was this third floor neighbour named "Henry" who would entice me to his house, and i tell you it was a fun going to his house initially because everytime i was at his place,he would show me the "PlayBoy" magazine and other porn materials, and i was struck like a hungry wolf panting for blood which i could only get from Henry's dungeon, and i could not tell my parents about me going to Uncle Henry's house,scared that they would punish me.

Suddenly,things changed from Henry, instead of showing me the "PlayBoy" magazine, he showed me the gay materials, at age of 15 then, i was confused and he knew that i was confused about it, but some how or rather, i came to my senses,i knew i was going there to see "Playboy" magazine not gay materials, so i ran quicky down to my house, and finally took the gut to tell my mother about it and i am thankful that my mother did not punish me for my misdeed.

I could have been another sexually abused child back then, i could have all mixed up about my sexuality and i could have become otherwise (hahahahah)

But on a serious note, let our children have the courage to talk to us about sex, and their sexuality, be open to them do not let them suffer in silence, that itself in my opinion could affect thier sexuality to be "straight or otherwise". Let them know that nobody should bully their sexuality and they should respect others' sexuality as well.

P/S : We know what the children dont know, and what they dont know could leave some indelible marks be it good or bad upon their lives


  1. wow.. u have a fortunate escape then.. otherwise what do u think u would have become today? i think during our childhood days,we were very much innocent compared to today.. for one, we dont hv internet and porno shows to watch.. right?
    eh eugene.. come over to my blog and test yr songs skill... see boleh ingat tak.. see can get 100% or not.. and tell me how to reward..

  2. nasib baik u r straight now.. n hope u'll remain straight.. hahahha..

  3. hello, Merryn,i have never been "crooked"ok.? i have been straight since my feutus day.hahahahah

  4. wow..a lil more you're gonna be henry's toy! but yeah we gotto teach them rather then they learn it themself the hard way with another henry :P