Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sex and Blogging

One glance at my post title, you might be thinking is there any correlation between sex and blogging, you might be wrong if you think there is none, as a matter of factly, there are many things one can learn about sex from blogging than other platforms, and i can tell you those are written with truthfullness and candiness

My daily ritual of blogging, i fully utilise my lunch time to do blog hoping to whatever blogs that come my way, and just like today, bumped into one blog (owner of the blog a lady) she wrote so openly about how to become a better lover in person and in bed. She even elaborated what a man should do during foreplay, during intercourse and even post intercourse, i was amazed of how useful those tips are and i was even humbled by this blogger simply acknowledging that indeed there are so many things i must learn to be a better lover,(hahahaha)

I have written down what i have learnt, and i hope if the mood is right, i shall put it all up in my blog, and share with you guys.

Seriously, if you think you are lousy lover, try blogging, oops i mean go blog hoping, you might just land yourself into some blogs that will transform you doom to boom in sex....

P/S : If you think you have learnt enough, think again


  1. gimme the site.....gimme the site......i wanna be a sex god...hahahaha

  2. LOL yea man share the site, we're curious :)

  3. You remind me of sigmund Freud and how everything (psychologically) is connected to either the dick or vagina.

  4. Part of the fun of blogging is to go around and to stumble upon some surprises, but seriously i forgot the site as it was a hop in and hop out blogging ritual.

    i will try to locate her again,if i got her,sure will not let her go

  5. are you gonna do some 'experiments' and share your thoughts/findings ? ^^ ... am looking forward to it ;)

  6. Hey... I wanna visit that site!!! :) Thank you for visiting.. will take me sometime to get to know you from your posts!

  7. wah..u lucky guy.. stumbled upon a precious blogger.. hahaa..btw, i am also curious.. i buy u lunch?

  8. taiko,
    gimme gimme hehe

    so useful ahh