Saturday, February 07, 2009

You sure dont like this,,,

There are few certainties in life besides life and death, that we often overlook and that there are bound to be GOOD times and there are almost guaranteed that there will be BAD times as well.

The reality is, we induce ourselves to believe that good times will last forever and the bad times will never befall us, it will only happen to the guy next door so we continue to dwell in that fallacy or the false notion that life will always be a bed of roses.

A few of my friends of late have been served with some funny letters from their respective companies, some would be retrenched, some have to cut their work days, some will take pay cut and the cruel reality is these many friends of mine do not have saving that would last them for a few months and they are like ants on a hot tin roof now.

I remember i used to admire one of them, working for a MNC, drawing good salary, driving good car, wife not working, nice apartment, brands conscious and indeed very hippie, i was so surprised when he told me that he had a credit cards debts amounting to 30,000. What aggravates the bad news for him is, he would be having pay cut and reduced working days.

That is one thing i would habitually do at the beginning of every month is, SAVE a portion of my income, then only i will be happy spending what is left of me, i have no credit card debt ( i dont carry one), i dont have to pay for car installment (my is an old car), and i dont owe anybody money.

P/S : I am optimistic and the same time i am pessismistic.


  1. Ya..we dont know when the 'rainy or grey days' come. Saving is good..but live simple is the greatest.. as long we have a 'family' that is the greatest gift..

  2. Its so scary when read economy section right now...Every companies just like almost 'gulung tikar'...


  3. you are right again here bro! we really have to cultivate a culture of "needs" rather than "wants" at this time of crisis. it always pays to save. and we sure could learn a thing or two from the ants... nice post bro! ciao!

  4. i can hardly save, blame my poor self control, haih. eugene, pls share on your saving tips...

  5. sometimes we need to reward ourselves.. most of the other time, we need to save... but most of the time, ppl tend to reward themselves b4 having enuf saving.. n then.. the rainy days come.. n ppl drown.. end of story...

  6. i will share my take on my personal views of money,hopefull during the weekend, thank for your thoughts too guys

  7. Eugene, guess we are from the same world.
    I dont owe anyone money :P
    I finish paying my car, that means my car is old.
    I do not have a house, so i do not have to pay for house installment. But I need to pay rental for my room in SG.
    Although I have credit card, but it is only used for my insurance premium.

    For those who still having jobs. We should consider ourselves that we are very very lucky!

  8. i like this post, a reminder to myself, to save for rainy days.

    thanks for sharing this bro.

    hopefully this year will not be that bad like some predicts ....

  9. Cant agree more with u...better to be financially free than a luxurious lifestyle with debts here & there. I'm wrking twards one more debt car ..then I'm free.

  10. yeah , i agreed with you though im struggling to do so! A minimum savings of 10% of your salary is a must!

  11.'s a good thing if we live within our means.I always believe that credit card is purely for emergency only-needed to have emergency treatment in hospital but lack of cash or something, not for shopping. (But then again, I'll never have probs with credit cards... lol... cuz I dun even have one to even begin with)

    There's no point living a luxurious life but with debts around. But saving money is a problem for me, cuz I'm not rich and I still have obligation to send back money to the elders every month. So it's really hard to save money, as I barely make enough for a living

  12. Financial planning is important lorrr! Life has many ups and down!