Monday, February 09, 2009

Valentine gifts ideas, anyone?

Counting down the days, and St Valentine day is sure drawing nigh, eventhough i dont need to depend on THIS DAY to say "I Love You" to my most wonderful wife,nevertheless, i want to give her something fastidous, i need your suggestions and ideas about giving her a gift that's none like it or maybe it will even blow her top.

No suggestion about jewerely from Tiffany, bags from LV, parfume from Bvgalry or even fashion accessories from Chloe, seriously i cant even afford these stuff to begin with,and that's why i would love to sought your ideas (one mind is better than two or more, right?)

Ok, to start the ball rolling and to be very frank i would work with a strict budget for my Valentine gift for my wife that's anything less than RM20.00. Sounds outrageously crazy,doestn it? I know you are calling me miser,cheapskate,scum or whatever but seriously that's the budget i have in mind and that's the thrill of giving her some gifts that would blow her top. So. please dispense your ideas about it for me, will ya?

I am not putting my wife's love for me to test either, i know that she loves me dearly even i dont give her a thing for Valentine, but i am a crazy guy i love doing something funny that would impress her even it is of little value.

I remember my initial few dates with my wife (then my girl friend),14 years ago, over a dinner i told her that i would shower her a gift tht would just melt her straight away. I took a servette and i wrote "The Pledge of My Love" for her while she was away taking her food, and she returned to the table, i passed the love notes to her and assuring her that i would love her a life time and to me that impromtu act surpasses LV, Tiffany and Chloe.

But seriously, even during this time of economy calamity and shrinking dollar and cents, let us not be bogged down with this malaise, we still need to sprinkle some joy to our partner even we cant afford a gift of two, sometimes a hug, some lips locking, some nose rubbing, some moments of hands holding, soem jokes sharing will suffice.

P/S, From the day i said i love you, that's eternity


  1. A card?

    Or perhaps, you can buy some meals that she love so much?

    ...or buy some foods that you can cook for her?

    It always touched woman heart u know...

    Yeah, the price is does not matter~

  2. more mini cards.. put them where she can see them most.. eg when she goes to sleep, on her pillow, when she goes make up, on her dressing table.. where she goes and buang nature, put one in the toilet.. etc etc...haha...
    wont cost much, right? better still, do yr own colour papers.. hehe... how does that sound?

  3. papa,you must give a present to mummy.

    from Marvell

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  5. First, curious what u have removed frm anonymous' comments (he he!)
    Honestly it's hard to gv u suggestion cos:
    1) U dnt nid to giv her perfume , I;m sure u love her natural body smell
    2) U dnt nid to buy her sexy lingeries coz who nids them on that beautiful private occcasion rite?
    3) Candlelight dinner out..would be too expensive & beyong budget

    Perhaps u can set up your own candle light dinner, precook some simple dishes, set up the table with romantic ambience & bckground music..then get your two sons to be your buttler/standby waiters. one food is served & time for dancing to the music...shooo them back into the room & you two have a wala time in ur room! hw soes that sound? (Nt child abuse I hope!)

  6. Like your idea for the budget for Valentine Day. I also trying to set up a budget for that.

    I still searching high and low for a present and where to dine that day.

    Hope you come out with an idea soon.

  7. Buy a tiny bottle,fill it with "love seeds" aka Saga seed. Attach a lovely red heartshaped note to it.

    Bottle = 5 bucks.
    Love seed = Free.
    Red note = Free. (Aiya, just cut from Ang Pau packet lor.)

    Next Valentine, buy a Saga Seed Tree. :)

  8. bake her her fav cake or cookie.. it be touching.. or hand made something for her, eg made roses out of papers. It will take up ur time, but sweet all the same :)

  9. I think just a simple SMS will do. For husband and wife of so many years...that's the thought that counts or a dinner together ^.^

  10. I will tell you wud is a good gift for V-day. Well, eat least as a wife, I would want it. A day with no worries about what's going on around me. I've been with my husband for 7 years now, so V-day is kinda just another day for us...but, if you wanna do something for your wife(in a budget way), I'd say:

    1. Breakfast in bed
    2. Some good leg massage, or full body massage. Dun care wud it is, but be creative and seductive.
    3. Some time for her to read a good book or two.
    4. Spend time to watch some lovey-dovey movies with her, alone, without the kids. Like: The Notebook, While you Were Sleeping, P.S, I Love You, and wudever movies rocks your world, bro.
    5. Wine and dine during dinner with some good music. And dun forget some aphrodisiac desserts.(chocolates will do the trick)
    6. But a bottle of Hersheys's Chocolate sauce(it's just rm10), and be creative with it in bed. LMAO- body liquor is expensive, this ought to do the trick, neway. Oh, whipped cream works well too!

    last but not least

    7. The simple I love you or 'I will cherish you' and soul shattering kisses.

    ps: Dun call me cheap... ahahah...but the best present you can give your wife, is not what money can buy.

  11. hmmm..rm20 is tough. How abt a rose? Flowers still eats into ladies matter what.

  12. A card + a cup cake + one stalk of rose = exceeded RM20 ???
    Some more free gift that u can give: a kiss and a hug...

  13. I have plenty of ideas for Valentine's day gifts. I am serious. Email me for a list.

  14. Hi there. I like your blog. Nice, and simple family blog. Keep it on. :D

  15. RM 20?Sounds tough with the shrinking Ringgit!!
    Why don't you just surprise her with candlelight dinner at home?Send the kids away to grandma or who ever that can baby sit and have a night alone together-romantic and free!

  16. hello there. what about this?
    they're good. you should give it a try as i ordered from them before for brian.affordable.

  17. sad but true, some girls measure how much their other halves love them based on the value of gifts. the more expensive item you buy for her, it means the more you love her. craps, isn't it? lol!

  18. go get a rock. paint it and write messages on it.

    rock - free,
    paint - few bucks
    brush - few bucks
    getting her angry/wacking your head with a pan/you sleeping in toilet/she being so touched that you took initiative to make her that present - priceless

    the best things in life money can't buy. for everything else, there's always the gift shop next door