Friday, February 06, 2009

Stop treating us like a kid.........

To All the politician of Malaysia,

Please wake up and stop behaving like some kids playing "Hide and Seek" shouting out "Now you see me, Now you dont". Dont you all know that we are so sick and tired of your antics,your irresponsibility, your insensibility to our needs, your pursue of own interest and glory,and the most sickening and outrageous excuses for your own flaws and mistakes.

Please dont show us magic,tricks , illusions for you guys are no David Copperfield or David Blaine and most of all we are not that gullible anymore. Gone were the days, when you could induce us by giving us sweets,thus we were humbly serving you as our master, submitting to your nonsense. We have come to our senses now, we are no longer servants kow-towing to the masters, now we want accountablity,tranparency and truthfullness.

Please stop all the power-plays or rather child-plays, dont you all know that we are having difficult times now, dont you know what "recession" "retrenchment" " global economy meltdown" is. Some of us are losing jobs, many of us are finding hard with the shrinking economy and most of us are worry sick if we could be the next one on the "chopping board".

With all the apparent signs and the prophecy that we are heading for even harder times, why are you still merrily making the fool out of yourselves hence making us the victim from your stupid political dramas.

Stop that nonsense now, we have greater challenges charging at us in fast and furious fashion, we have to be resilient from the onslaught of the external forces, otherwise we will be severly and mercilessly left behind, by then we wil go backward to be another third world country.

We dont care if you are Guang Eng, Najib, Anwar or Muhiyyidin,just remember that's just one thing. We are the master.

Thank you.

P/S Greed in an Angel is worse than the devil himself


  1. I am so worried and stressful lately.
    Retrenchment everywhere!
    Praying very hard so that I will not lose my job. In fact, we should be glad that we are still having a job.

    Stop giving us headaches... pls...

  2. yes.. so many lay off recently, thankful we still have a job.. and hope the others will be able to get too..

  3. But But..... if the politicians stop their comedy act, we won't have anything to laugh about in this economic climate! :P

    I got pay cut leh! I looking for new job. The vietnam trip was purchased way before I got news of pay cut. dammit!

  4. sigh. i just dun give a darn anymore to our political situation.. wat will become of our country? i dunno..

  5. Agree with u Uncle!!

    Politicians, please behave and do the good things for our country~

  6. Greed in an angel is worst than the devil himself, how true, Eugene... but those creeps are no angel...I suppose this is far more worst than facing the devil himself.


    If only...if only people think of what they can do for their country and her people instead of being power thirsty and corrupted...Malaysia would be a better country!