Thursday, February 05, 2009

Come on fight it like a man, you ball-less....

I need help, will somebody please dispense some advice on how to repel, get rid,kill, torture, exterminate, burn to hell the most annoying bug that's called MOSQUITO. Your advice(if works) shall be repaid with bucket full of thanks.

When the evening dawns, that is when all my windows, my doors of my house will be tightly closed leaving no room for inflow of natural air, making me uneasy and my eyes taking up the role of microscopic lens to target the mozzies and my hands ready to clap them to death. I dont like killing anything smaller in size that i am, seriously but these buggards really leave me no choice.

My resentment towards the mozzies has attracted their anger in one way or another, i kill them in the evening, they will attack me at the time when i am most defendless, they have no balls i guess, they dont take it like a man, i am the initialtor of MOZZIE GENOCIDE, if they want to get even with me, just attack me, dont just attack the rest of my family. They will have to fight me on level ground and not snipering away when my family is sleeping.

My beloved wife and my wonderful children are losing sleep since the f**king mozzies launched their night attacks, my weaponaries such as mozzie coils has also failed me, and i vow to take this war as personal as it warrants me to, i will bypass the Security Council and i will seek assistance from my allies (my blogger friends) for their advice. Once i have compiled all their advice, their will be no return, no truce shall be entertained, i will kill the big, the small and the infant,i just dont care anymore. What do you expect me to do, they shell their rockets in my home, and you expect me not to retaliate (this phrase sounds familiar, doesnt it?)

So to my allies (my blogger friends) you are hereby assigned to come out with methods, modes, ways or even strategies to help me win this war against the MOSQUITOS.

P/S : If there is reincarnation, i dont want to be a mozzie, i know it is bad....


  1. shieldtox or on the air-con to full blast and freeze the mosquitos to death =P

  2. How about applying mosquito repellent lotion to your body? It works for my kids. :p

  3. use electric racquet. zap them hard and send them to meet the King of Hell. Hampus!

  4. eugene, i dont know why mats dont work for u.. it works for me each nite when i am blogging away.. try using different sure u know about that..sometimes i use the repellent spray..hehe.. but most times, the electric mat work for me..

  5. i totally understand how u feel. I HATE mosquitoes too... If in the room, you could spray shieldtox or whatever aerosol spray, spray the whole room full and close the door and windows (do this during the day when no one needs to use the room!)

    All insects will DIE after that, and as long as you always close the door behind you (so that new mozzies dun go in again) it should be better.

    The other alternative which is working for us now is air-cond. Sometimes at night, before I go to bed I see some mozzies. But with the air-cond on, they wont survive through the night, muahahahhahaahhaa

  6. The problem is i dread to sleep in air-conditioned room, i prefer fresh flowing air,,, ini macam mampus dah ku

  7. OOH they are my greatest enemy & life threatening creature! Myself & 2 princesses were admited a few days due to AEDES last year. The place I wrk has 10-12 of them chasing after me & the stroke patients each time I walk them in the garden. At home, just one of them itself is so damn annoying. So if u trust me these various methods wrk in different situations:

    1) when they are visible & many..the electric racket works best..very shiok for me to hear the electrocuted PiAK PiAK PiAK sound some more & good to see them just fall dead on the ground.

    2) For the room at night where we sleep, we use the RIDSECT Goodnight Protect..a yellow fan like unit when u open up. At first i was sceptical when it claims to be effective for 30 nights n it's not cheap.. about RM7.00 per unit. At daytime when nt using, it's advised to flap close the unit. So far really no mosquitoes kacau us when we are sleeping at night.Worth trying. At most supermarket shelf, usually sold out fast(I guess it must be really effective).

    3) For rooms or dark area not occupied much by people, give a good spray with Shieldtox..or watever tox then switch on the fan & close the doors. U will see them pengsan on the floor when u on the lights later for inspection.

    4) Also good to wash the drains outside the house compound with germicide or Serai/Citronella smell detergent to repel them(especially after rain)

    Good luck & tell me if the above wrk for u.

  8. OMg, this is hilarious, Eugene...erm... use shieldtox... they work for me.

  9. so you're under attack by the mozzies ha bro! these guys almost killed me way back in '97 with dengue/hemorrhagic fever. i guess all the suggestions written here by your blog buddies are in a way effective. what i can suggest is for you to take away their breeding places, stagnant water in pots, plants, used tires or anything that can hold water. look all around your house. they also love to hold out in dark places, so thick and dark colored curtains/drapes are a no-no. if your house is not screened (wire mesh), have it screened, that way you keep most of these pests out. some may still be able to slip inside but not that many to annoy you. i use water based shieldtox as the solvent based are dangerous for our health and the environment. good luck on these pests bro. all out war against the mozzies!!!! JOIN M.K.A.M (MOVEMENT TO KILL ALL MOSQUITOES) bwahahahahahaha! ciao bro!

  10. so have u found a solution that wrks for u? I also share the sentiments of Bro Bong..the mozzie also made me & 2 dotters landed up in hspital bed because of Dengue.

    Revenge for us yah ..thks!

  11. 1) Use citrinello oil when washing..
    2) Drink Beer that has formaldihide in it, it is a preservative that when we sweat it it deters mozzys
    3)DEET 30% or higher lotion..

    I use these and hardly ever see them hey.. :)

  12. ues the electric racquet. nothing beats the sound of them getting fried. it's the sound of peace you know?