Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Writer in Progress. that's me hopefully

Let you guys in for a little secret, quiet now ! and the secret is i have always wanted to be writer, seriously please dont laugh.

And the irony is, i was never good in English lauguage untill i was in my 3rd form as i hailed from a Chinese school, and the my buddies back then were predominantly Chinese speaking and it was almost close to impossible for me to master the language given the said situation, untill one incident took place.

There was this beautiful girl from a English school, which i would bump into on a daily basis because the bus that i used to take after school, would pick her up from the next stop. She was like a "WOW" thing, and being only 15 then, i was more than courageous to take on any challenges hurl at me, so the challenge from my buddies was to "chat this girl up", gladly i accepted the challenge.

So the bus came, she boarded, it was a short ride to her disembarking point, no result achieved at this point, she got down, so my friends pushed me down even though it was not my alighting point. I was tailing her from behind with my buddies, i was jeered at by my friends for my cowardice, so i drummed up my courage, went up straitgh to her,opened my mouth and spoke in Hokkien (my dialect) "can we be friends?" bluntly she turned and gave me an unkind look and she responded sarcastically " Can you speak English?" at this point i just dropped all my water face and jeers from my buddies were like crying river inside me and i vouched to make learning English my first prioirty. ( See what a girl can do to us man)

After the pledge i made to myself, it was everything English for me, i watched TV programmes without looking at the subtitles, i would only listen to English songs, reading English papers, my favourite magazine then was "TOP of the POP, finding pen friends in "Galaxie" magazine.

And man, i really had this elusive girl to thank for, just one look at me and just one sarcastic respond that changed me.

So sorry for digressing, now back to my dream of becoming a writer (that's why i love to blog so much), May be i am not up to the mark of being a writer yet, anyway just by scribbling my thoughts in my blog and sharing them with my fellow blogger friends has already given me so much joy of being a novice.

One particular author in the present time that i like so much is none other than the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho. My first encounter with his work was when i was asked by a good friend to explore his works,and it was "The Alchemist", i felt in love instaneously.

Among all his works, this title "Like the Flowing River" is my pick for handbag reading (meaning you can put it in your handbag), it is a compilation of the author's short stories of shorts

I like Paulo Coelho's works simply he speaks life with his words and you can really connect with his thoughts as we are leafing through the pages of his books. (check out his another book " 11 MINUTES is one is so good)

P/S : I have a dream............


  1. hope ur dream will come true...

    bagus laa pompuan tu...ur english is good :) ...thanks to that arrogant girl...

    nnt dah ada buku...jgn lupa bgtau tajuknya...bleh saya beli :) and jadi komentar tak bertauliah ehhehe

  2. I wanted to be a writer too when I was younger. So I support you 100%. And hey I know a magazine who are looking for part time writers, if you're keen, let me know? They pay about RM100 onwards for each article.

  3. seriously bro. you write much better than i do. live up your dream. no looking back. i sokong you. cheers and god bless.. :)

  4. u have a handbag? hahhaa.. just joking.. nothing is impossible.. ur english is so much better than most of us here.. so.. i'll be the first in line for ur signing session... :)

  5. u know what? that's my dream too!!
    i hope both our dreams come true =D