Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Love her a lit bit more,,, it's not that hard really.

I was on the phone with my mom, i know she has not been feeling very happy lately, even at this this age of her life( 74) with one daughter totally shutting her out, with me feuding with this sister of mine. I know she is not happy at all for sure

Over the phone just now, she finally broke now and cried, i could hear her sob over the other line, and i could really feel for her, suddenly i felt for her insecurity, her loneliness, her despair and her sadness.

To me she is so defendless already, she cant be a mother who could scold or reprimand her children, she is so afraid to offend her children for she fears that in return the children might shun her, might not call her, might not visit her, even wanting to get even with her, for now she is going through this trauma resulting from reprimanding her daughter.

As far as i am concerned, i keep reminding myself from hereon, that i would do all that i can to make this woman happy for the remaining years of her life, love a her a bit more each day and i know it is not that hard really.

Really she is not asking a lot from the children, may be all she ever wanted now is for all of her children to be a peace with her, to know that her children are ok, and to spend a little bit more time talking to her.

A note for my eldest sister, if you happen to read this, i need to only say this to you.
you can hate me, despise me and shun me but dont do this to this old lady.

P/S : She might not be right sometimes, but she loves us all the times.

9.20 am


  1. that is what we ought to do, under the circumstances bro. love them (our mom's) more. let us try not to give them something to despair at this waning years of their life. my mom is almost the same as yours and we somehow got the same problem with some family members except that we settled ours last year. i hope all this squabble between you and your sis will come to pass. just P-U-S-H! (pray until something happens) ciao!

  2. yes, my mum also feels the same when we r not among each other as siblings..she wont rest or sleep in peace during the nights and i know she prays for us to reconcile. she always use the same words.."even if u kill one another, u are all having the same blood."... of course not so serious as kill la.. meaning whatever happens, we r all brothers and sisters..same blood..

  3. A mother's love to her children is unconditional. That's something I have never understood until I became a mother myself.

  4. i am really lucky to have a happy family. i cannot say that i understand the situation that you're in but i do sympathize you, bro. all we can do now is but to pray and pray, and hope that our prayers will be answered in time to come. be patient my friend. my prayers are with you. cheers and god bless :)

  5. How come a child dare to do that to her own mom?

    Pity your mom, I hope that everything will be fine Uncle. I admit some Moms will afraid of something like that, they need love from their children that they raised.

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  7. ur sis is angry... angry ppl doesnt think straight.. give her some time.. when her anger has lessen, she may start thinking with her brains again... hope everything will be find.. ur family feud is sounding to be more serious by the day.. chill dude!

  8. u're right eugene..."She might not be right sometimes, but she loves us all the times."

    i really hope ur sis will read this post...