Monday, February 02, 2009

Please leave the children alone.

Yes my youngest son Marvell ( 8 years old) naively and innocently said something to his cousin (who happens to be the son of the sister who hates so much now) about some issues that involves my wife, my sister and credit card.

As parent, my wife and i were accused of using my youngest as a device or a medium to humiliate or to attack my sister, i was flabbergasted being accused with such crime, even more so it has never been my way of teaching my children to bad mouth others.

I was told that indeed my warring sister has told her youngest son to get even by bullying my youngest, an event which really took place during the dinner gathering over at my youngest sister's house and on that same night, this nephew of mine shunned me all the way as if that i was his greatest enemy.

My wife suggested to me that the next time we should absent ourselves from any gathering of which the children of my warring sister if invited too. Immediately i reprimanded my wife for having such a thought ( i dont blame my wife for being angry though). I told her that we should never get the young children involved in any way from the adult's feud or problems.

It is never right to instill hatred, sense of vengence or even the action of getting even with in the children. The children should be left out in any forms of adults' problems.

I remember when my oldest son asked me if i hated my oldest sister, i told him not at all for she is my flesh and blood and she is my oldest sister and that's the fact and i would always follow with the gesture of drawing a big heart shape on my chest to show him that we should have a BIG HEART.

When my two sons asked me what happened to "Dai Ku kU" my eldest sister, i would just tell them that it is our adult's problems and they should not ask further, and i would them that in fact no matter what their "Dai Ku Ku" is still a nice person.

Untill today, i am still waiting for my eldest sister to agree to meet with me and my wife and in the presence of other family members to settle the feud once and for all and i really hope she would agree, and once again please leave the children alone.

Note : i love blogging, it helps me to stay cool.

P/S : Please teach a child about love and compassion instead of hate and vengence.


  1. bro. i can sense that this spat with your sis is getting out of hand and could turn ugly at the slightest provocation anytime. it will be a totally different story once the children are involved. i just pray that the good Lord guide you and your family as regards to this problem with your sis. visiting here today on a lazy sunday afternoon. stay blessed bro. ciao!

  2. hope your feud will be over soonest.. admire u for your guts, not everyone would like to share them over here.. salute u.. cos by sharing, we all can start learning ...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. sorry guys,the comment deleted above was written by my son, as i said i didnt want the children to get involved with adult's problems.

    he was siding his father,but i said no,,,leave the children alone

  5. yeah, leave the kids alone else they may grow up with a 'hate' mentality towards your sibling.

  6. memang laa...tak elok babitkan anak2 dalam pergaduhan org dewasa...lagipun diaorg tak faham lagi erti sebenar sebuah kehidupan...