Saturday, January 31, 2009


Despite my feud with one of my sisters, i am thankful that i still have my other siblings encircling in my life, giving me the warmth that indeed i am a brother to another two sisters and to a brother.
My beloved brother and his wonderful wife

For so many years in my life, and i have been harbouring a hope, a hope that no one knew and that hope has finally come to pass. The only brother that i have has indeed seen the light and the end of the tunnel.

You see this brother of mine has wandered so many years in wilderness, and for so many years more he was shackled with a vice that almost ruined his life, he has seen the darkest of life and been to the abyss of it too, he has called a sidewalk the home, his trishaw his santuary, he has been humiliated and belittled but i am glad he survived but one thing for sure, he is a man with a good heart and a fillial son too and he is just like me who would always be there for his sibllings whenever he can. and really "he aint heavy, he's my brother"

I am extremely proud of him now that he has indeed turned over a new leaf, for he is happily married with a wonderful wife, and yes he is a changed man. To my sister in law, i say thank you to you for giving him a hope of life, and for showering joy to my mother for her son could find someone as wonderful as you at this age of his life,,,, THANK YOU

Seated, myself and my second sister, back row, my youngest sister and my bro

I would like to say a big "thank you" to my yongest sister for her effort for organising the new year's dinner so that for once in a while, all the family members can come together and really enjoying one another's company.

Suddenly the picture above reminds me of those time that i used to send my youngest sister to school on my motorbike, and i am glad that she is now having a good life with all the children growing up to be fine man and woman.

And for my second sister, a woman with a good heart, and i pray that all good things shall befall her.

I guess as we grow older, there are really things in our lives that we hold so dearly too, as for me my siblings is something that i so cherish, and a little effort from each one of us, we can be closer as ever.

P/S : I am glad i have someone to call Sister and someone to call Brother


  1. that's a beautiful family photo bro.....and psst...just to note, your younger sister is pretty. :) too bad im already happily married. cheers

  2. nice family pic.. cherish them while u still can.. happy cny! :)

  3. yup, the youngest is indeed pretty! family is family bro. just remember the story of the lost sheep. best regards and great weekend to you and your family. ciao!

  4. u n kor kor dnt look alike. ur sisters are pretty just like the handsome u.
    Praise the power of universe for the great blessings showered upon u!

  5. Hi bro,

    Is Forget & Forgive!

    Wishing you & your family Happy Birthday (人日) tomorrow!


  6. I'm glad that I got to know your brother well during the night of the CNY gathering. Yeap,he's been through hell and back, yet he has a lovely and acceptance wife. Kudos to your sis-in-law, she's one in a milion woman who can only accept your brother.