Thursday, January 29, 2009

i once called her sister..........

This year's celebration of Chinese New Year really took me by big surprise., for i was saddened and heartbroken by one particular incident that took place during the first two days of the new year that really got me very mad at the same time.

I always hold steadfastly to the belief that in the event such as Chinese New Year, we should learn to forgive and forget one another, no matter how big the misunderstanding can be and how bad the feud was, we should learn to let it go, especially if it involves family members.

I guess my regular visitors to my blog would know that i have not been on speaking term with one of my sisters for about two months since the fiasco of her marriage, and she got fumed over my use of moniker or decription upon her supposedly boyfriend,when i denoted him as "mother fucking adulterer" and i wish not change that even as now, indeed he is one "mother fucking adulterer" and she got even madder when i posted in on my blog, which she claimed that i had humiliated her via my blog.

I SMSed her on the second day of the CNY, telling her that my mom was in way sad for she was not that for the reunion dinner, i just could not imagine the SMS in return that i got from her was that she made me the reason for her absence for the dinner, and subtly implied how much she hated me and my wife, even one of my children is not spared from her wrath.

In one of her SMSes, she demanded that i should apologize to her for all my "wrongdoings" in the presence of all my family members, of which i told her not a problem, i would apologize to her not for my wrongdoings but for the anger i caused her for not supporting her in the way which i strongly believe is wrong. I said that i would settle it once and for all, and i demanded the presence of her supposedly boyfriend, for he is the cause of all the strain and tensions between me,she and my mother.

I guess this is the best i can do, and from now on, i know what to do as far as this is sister of mine is concerned.

P/S: It really doesnt matter now, she is not my concern anymore.............


  1. It's not easy to forgive and forget.It takes time to heal all the pain.For now, concentrate on the positive side of life. Blood is thicker than water they say.I'm sure everything will be fine in future..

  2. she is still your sister bro. no matter what happens. CT is right in saying that let time heal everything between you and your sis. i also want to say that by offering your hand in reconciliation to your sister was a noble act. the burden now is much bigger on your sister. i just hope soon, she sees all that is wrong and mend her ways. i hope the year of the ox brings you peace, prosperity and happiness bro. ciao!

  3. Btul laa apa komen CT and BF tu...air dicincang takkan putus, lama2 nanti baik laa relationship u all anak beranak...

    nnt dia dah celek (bukak mata)...dia akan sedar...keluarga lebih penting dari teman...

    hope for the best...and enjoy your CNY...hope this year brings you more happiness and prosperity

  4. Oooh this aint nice to happen on an auspicious New Year. Wish u all the best & hope things turn out well for u & ur family esp ur sister.'s still in ur blood. Hope u gain ur cool soon!Gong Xi fa Cai!

  5. Well just give her time to reflect Eugene, maybe she needs to see the truth behind what you've said before being able to see it and understand. But hope you guys will make peace in the end. Cheer up buddy!

  6. Prayer helps.. i remember one incident my sibling and i had some misunderstanding... it went on for a few years and finally, i resort to God.. to give me the humility to bond again our relationship..
    and YES, we r good as peas now.. really..

  7. That's tough but the rewards are great! I support you bro!
    'All's well, ends well too'