Thursday, February 26, 2009

TwinHead screwed up, so what. !!!

My eldest son Jovial has been bugging me to buy him a PC for quite sometimes now, and i had even told him that it was not in my budget to make that purchase untill the end of the year. It was not because i could not afford, but it was one of the ways that i teach my children about budgeting and curtailing impulse buying.

But sometimes, windfall does happen. Just last week a very good family friend of ours offered to sell us his 1 year old TwinHead PC note book of which he bought for RM3.200 for only RM700.
I was reluctant to buy it in the first place, but thanks to my wife she decided that it was a good deal indeed, so we gladly bought it for Jovial.

Something bad happened along the way, Jovial screwed up the notebook of which he accidentally deleted certain programmes in the note book and depriving us the access of the C and D drive, and my wife was furious about it.

As for me, i had a good talk with Jovial about this issue (screwing up the note book), i did not even scold him about it, in fact i assured him that it was ok for him to explore the notebook, he can fiddle with it, experiment with it. I told him if he faces problems with the notebook or accidentally deleting some files in it, he must be totally responsible to restore it, and if he cannot fix it, then he must on his own effort seek help from someone who can instead of keeping mum about it. The great news is he agreed to my reasoning.

I really have no qualm about my sons making mistakes, in fact i encourage them to, so that that they can squeeze their minds in finding ways to rectify the faults, in that way i believe they will learn more, and be more courageous in handling mistakes and failures.

Thomas Edison had to make countless times of mistakes before he could come out with world's greatest idea, jokingly i've always said to Jovial just one day he can be as famous as Bill Gates,just one day i told him.

My sincere advice to my two wonderful sons is always as such, they can make mistakes but they just cannot make the same mistake twice over.

P/S : To Jovial, dont worry about making mistakes, the more mistakes you make, the closer you are to the solutions.


  1. Wah!

    A good notebook Uncle. BTW, I love the way you talked to your son!


  2. wah..salute to u la..father of all ages.. i will be like yr wife definitely.. my son always say i nag too much.. well, we ladies are not nagging la..perhaps we r more outspoken only ma, right, eugene's wife? we tend to blurt out more than men only.. we r normal..
    anyway, my kids also make mistakes too along the as u said, making mistakes is nearer to finding solutions.. i better ingat that..

  3. possible solution - if you are using windows xp

    Start > control panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management > See if it's detected there. if it's not. you need to repair with a windows xp cd.

    or right click on my computer on the drive. properties. then see if there is any settings which prevented access.

  4. *sigh* I wouldn't be so furious if my laptop spoiled because of my son or something, cuz I'm used to such situation. LOL... besides, my husband repairs and sell PC for a living. No PC or laptop damage could scare me. LOL... I can say Jovial's screwing up with the laptop is just normal. After all, the biggest mistake is not making any mistake at all.

    Anyway, Eugene, I'm in need of advice regarding to parenting. Could I email you personally for it?

  5. I'll whack first, ask questions later :-D

  6. betul2 orang puteh mindset. us asians, kena belasah first, talk later. :P

  7. Calvin, mat salleh mindset is good. me lah, got orang putih mindset, but this got me into trouble without fail everytime. SWAYYYYYYY!

  8. Hey u r such a good father. Ur son is so lucky to have u around him. :)

  9. You are such a patience daddy! It's good to practice reasoning with our kids than scolding :)