Thursday, February 26, 2009

Behind the closed door, i mean bedroom door.

I read with utmost surprise from a published survey carried out by pharmaceutical company Pfzer that high number of Malaysian are not satistfied sexually, i was asking myself if that is true, then more Malaysian will go out to brothels or commit extra marital affairs just to satisfy their sexual needs,simply because their partners cannot satisfy them anymore....

I strongly believe sex should not be a selfish act, seeking only one's satisfaction, if one reaches his or her climax, the other's party's need can be just ignored, if that's what sex is all about then "DIY" itself can in certain way fulfill one's selfish crave and you dont even need to have sex anymore because it only about you, you and more of you.

For the couple, once the bedroom door is closed, one every piece of clothes is slowly being removed to total nakedness, that's is when they enter their private domain, it is when two bodies become one, intertwined with love and passion, and one needs to enter this realm with the intention of satisfying the other party sexual needs first in return you ask for yours. Once enter in this arena of ecstasy, we need to explore, we need to make sure this endeavour is better and hotter than the previous one, no one should care if you moan or groan, you are free to take the ride to heaven.

It is the onus of both party to make their sexual life great, to talk about sex, to laugh about sex, to ticker about sex, to imagine about sex, to enjoy sex. It is not the act of get ready , drop the clothes, penetrate and get done with it quick...they didn't coin the term "foreplay" for nothing.

P/S : Dont be a narcissist, it takes two to be happy in sex.


  1. Stress is the culprit which kills all the creativity, passion and etc etc.Perhaps the couple should go on a romantic trip w/o the children accompanying to re-discovered back.

  2. wah uncle eugene, your entry very deep deep. me not understand. lol

  3. i see i see.
    Must get my bf to read this post before i get married.

  4. You know it's good sex when you're doing it with someone you really love :)

  5. Kellaw... you kahwin liao you will understand. Now, be a good boi and do ur homework, if not I report to ur mummy that you've been lazing around. LMAO.

  6. lol clef, you think my mum will lecture me about sex like eugene would do to his son later?