Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The morning i broke the ice..............

I moved in to my new home about 1 year ago, and there is this one particular neighbour of whom many of my other neighbours regard as unfriendly and who acts in her most oblivious manners to the existence of other neighbours. I tried smiling at her many times, but as many times in return i was given a cold shoulder.

Me, being as obstinate as i can be, i told myself that one day i would just just break the ice, and end the "Cold War".

I woke up this morning at six, went for a run, finished the run, came back and as i was cooling down, i sat at the thrashold to our apartment to wind down and great thing happened. Heard some cranking of keys and the shreaking sound of the gate, as i moved my eyes to where the sound came from, i saw this neighbour coming out. I needed to pass her place in order to get to my house, so immidiately i stood up and made my way home, and i bumped into her,i gave her a smile,she responded and i responded with a warm "Good Morning" she just smiled back again, and i felt real nice.

It was a brief but cordial exhange of some greeting, but it came to my realization that infact it is not that hard to break the ice or the wall that separates one from another,and it was indeed a good start.

If i had believed the general notion or perception as of other neighbours that she is pictured as someone unfriendly and i stopped trying to do what i should as a good neighbour, i guess this wall will never be broken down.

P/S : In order to break the ice, you need the warmth to melt it, and that fires comes from you


  1. yes..perseverence is the root.. so.. at least u have taken the first step to start a friendship.. as the bible says.. "Love thy neighbhour as you love yourself" :)

  2. Agree with reanaclaire :)
    You did a good things actually~

  3. A smile can create a difference! And don't judge the book by its cover.

  4. and just a simple words can moke someone day..who knows after this, she will get along with u and nice is it?..

  5. smile to her a little bit more n u'll look like a pervert looking for a prey! hahahhaha.. have a nice day!

  6. Smile....that universal gesture will melt a heart. Hmm...u must be very friendly

  7. what you did bro, is a good thing, sometime we need to take the first step ... :D

  8. Agreed. I have a classmate who doesn't seem to have a lot of friends as people are intimidated whenever she's around. I told myself that I'll be friends with her, no matter what. Months passed, we became the best of friends, sharing personal and crazy stuff.

    If I want something, I totally get it!

    Much Love,