Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sickeningly Yours.............

Today's the start of a new working day, and as usual i went to my favourite coffee shop alas China man Starbucks, my strongly brewed coffee black or passionately we call it "Kopi O" and my usual dose of news that the boss allows me to read for free, and as i was leafing through the pages of the Chinese daily, i was utterly disgusted when came to read about a news relating to a alleged sexual abuse inflicted upon a one year old girl.

It was reported that when the parents took the girl back from the babysitter's home, they saw some bruises around the girl's private part, and they took the girl for a medical check-up. After some examination, they doctor reported that indeed the little girl's private part has been penetrated with some kind of hard objects for a numerous times, thus a police was made.

There is always a possibility to a certain degree that our children would always be exposed to danger when we entrust them to someone besides the parents themselves. We just cant be too sure from the faces of our child's care taker and convince ourselves that they are good or otheriwise.

It had happened to me before, even thought it was not of sexual abuse, but the way or ways how my child was treated when he was being put up in the baby sister's house was enough to drive me crazy. Despite the fact that my child then was already 3 years old, but everytime when he was there, he was confined to a small baby cot, for the whole day except time for nap..

My child was litterally incarcerated and his movement was controlled, and when i saw it with my own eyes, i took him back straight away without giving any reasons for my abrupt decision. Nobody should do that to my children.

Children need our protection and we cant be too frivolous to think that it is always when our children are ok when they are entrusted to someone we think are ok. We must be diligent to check every single part of their body to make sure when they come back everyday from the care takers' place, they are 100% ok.

P/S : She might have an angelic face, but we cant be too sure if the devil is at work in her


  1. I really agree with you. No safe place now..what can we do abot this? sick world..sick mind..sick people..

  2. yes.. my 2 sons were also brought up by babysitters...thank God, they are ok babysitters.. i heard one case, my fren's daughter a toddler too, complained to her mum that her private part also pain.. said the uncle did something to her.. but the wife didnt believe what my fren told.. sure, who would admit that the husband did such an outrageous thing?

  3. Better ask in laws or own parents to babysit our kids instead of sending them to babysitter.

    This news caught my attention too when i was reading TheStar.com

  4. hence the increasing number of SAHM...

  5. One word of advice in regards of your child or your children- TRUST NO ONE. Call me paranoid, but I wouldn't trust even my in laws to take care of my kid. I don't trust the grandparents. Why? Cuz grandparents role are not the same as parents. They tend to spoil the kids in some ways. I don't trust my own parents to take care of my kids too... why? Cuz they too will spoil their only grandkid rotten, no matter how they raise me in a very disciplined manner. I dun trust babysitters either, see la, so many case around. Scares me to death, bro. In regards of children's upbringing, I'd rather sacrifice my career for at least 3-4 years til they can go to kindergarten. If i don't sacrifice my career, i think I'll be sacrificing my sanity when I send em to babysitters, cuz I wun be able to concentrate on work cuz i keep thinking of my kid. This might sound weird, coming from me but I'll raise my bratz myself before they can be sent to kindy to study! Those are my babies you're tokking about, dun play play ah!

  6. Not all babysisters are bad to some extent.

  7. Sigh, what is the world becoming to? Even little kids are not spared.

  8. That's really very sad to hear of such disgusting act on a 1 year old innocent kid! I don't have children of my own yet but I'm already worried about the future,of who will take care of my kids when both hubbyn and I are at work..scary.

  9. Yes, I was in shocked when I read this from the newspaper lay in front of me on the table that I sat to have my dinner last night. How can people do such thing to just barely 1 year old child. I'm sending my kids to babysitter also, which make me feel scare. As we are in the midst of taking changing babysitter for the boy. As you said - She might have an angelic face, but we cant be too sure if the devil is at work in her - totally agreed with this.

  10. org sekarang mmg dah gila...dah hilang akal...baik jadi binatang dari jadi manusia...

    apa nak jadi dengan generasi akan datang..kalau kecik2 dah kena siksa batin macam tu...mesti besar nnt psycho plaks buat kat org lain...

    so...macam mana nak generasi yg cemerlang gemilang dan terbilang utk menjaga Malaysia..??

    hampeh je...patutnya disula je org yg buat camtu kat budak2...mmg sial (sorry eugene...emo skeet)