Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Smile, you're on candid camera !!!!!!

It seems like camwhoring is a in thing now, you take the camera phone, drop your dress ,face the mirror, voila, one click and you look sexy, and for those who are more daring, drop a little bit more, bare a little more, expose a little more, another click and all your sexiness and rauchiness will be well taken.

Is there anything wrong with camwhoring, as far as i am concerned, i really dont think so, if it is meant for your self appreciation or private viewing. Beware though, camwhoring can become an addiction, and the extent of going about camwhoring can be sometimes detrimental.

Once awhile, i do receive emails from some of my friends, and surprise or no suprise at all, some of the emails do contain pictures of those ladies camwhoring away. I was thinking to myself how did these raunchy,sexy and provocative materials got into public domains?

Every now and then, you hear the victims(women at large, sometimes men do fall prey too) claiming how they were being extorted for money or for sex, if they refuse to kow to or submit to their perpetrator's demand, then the victims were told that their nude pictures would be published on the net..

As a parent, i know that i cannot run away from the techonogy frenzy, my children are being exposed to all these advancements, and the least i can teach them is to instill the value of RESPECT for themselves and for others.

P/S : Take the pictures and keep them in the closet


  1. camwhoring.. last time when a blogger asked me why i never camwhore..i tot he was being vulgar.. i asked my kids what is the meaning, my son told me the answer..i m very backdate.. haha..
    never camwhore before..my kids do.. my younger 2 kept doing that but with clothes on.. better tell them about the politicians who can be blackmailed later on if camwhore at the wrong place, wrong person..

  2. those high profiles individuals(actress or politicians) who did that would've known the consequences. It's really a stupid act and they asked for it.

  3. Since everything is almost digital, we got to be extra careful...All will go down in history, PUBLICLY. just my 2 cents

  4. I wish to see Khir T0y0l naked photo with 2 china pros

  5. I love cam whoring. Gotta record the moment so I can look at them 20 years from now and I'm gonna be like, "How silly I was!"

    Some people should keep their daring photos. Keep em private!

    Much Love,

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    I love your blog as well, it's pretty interesting. And is that a picture of you and your boys at the top? Adorable!

    Keep up the great work.. being a dad :) The world needs more of those..