Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why cant we share ?

I was online chatting with a fellow blogger the other day,of whom i have come to respect as a genuine blogger and a good cyber friend (HO PANG YAU). As usual and as for me a non techy guy and with belly full of questions to ask about anything and everything about blog, and to tell you the truth, this HO PANG YAU was there to enlighten me on certain bog related questions.

So as we were chatting away, i brought up the question of " Making Money From Blogging", i believe this is a million dollar question that newbie like me would be dying to find the answer, so this HO PANG YAU was unreservedly giving me some pointers here and there, and i must admit i have learnt a step forward to reaching Adsense's coffer from her advice and tips.

Anyway, when we touched on the subject of our local celebrity bloggers who make handsome money from blogging, i was made to know that many of them would not be willing to share the secrets for you of their earning. Then i was thinking, "Why Cant They Share the Secrets " it is not that i will reduce their income of that sort, instead it is to help another fellow blogger to earn some extra income, that's something i would term as "KUI SAU CHI LO" that means it doesnt cause anything for sharing.

I have made a pledge to myself, if i could master the secrets of making more money from blogging, i will definately share it for free with good friends, just to let them make some extra money and to boost the economy.. ( Sounds so noble, no shame), infact i have involved my eldest son to teach me more about internet and all those things internet.

Please share with me if you have made some money from blogging, would very appreciate it.

ok, Drum roll please, now i shall introduce to you this good Cyber friend of mine, if you have not been to her blog, please pay her a visit, if you have been there, please go there often.
it is Claire from

P/S : It takes sincerity to give birth to mutual affinity


  1. Yeah Uncle.

    Agree with you..Why can't we share?

    It's just like me, I do share my life in my blog but some people hate it, and warn me about what I wrote down whether I only wrote about myself.

    But, I do agree with you. Cyber friends sometimes helped us a lot!

  2. Hi Eugene

    Yes, it is possible to make money by via the internet. This can be done via accepting advertisements, so when people click on them, you get money. That means, it depends on the steady stream of visitors that comes to your blog. No visitors means no money. For Adsense, don't try clicking your own advertisements too often or else they know you're cheating, and you'll be blacklisted.

    Money-making process can be very very slow. I don't depend on Adsense. Instead i go more for writing reviews product and services that are advertised in PayPerPost (PPP) and SocialSpark (SS). Payment is done via Paypal and is guaranteed. I began in Sept 2008, total earned so far about US$60 which can later be transferred to my local debit card (will be charged US$5 for that).

    Like what I said, it's a very slow process UNLESS you have all the time in the world to sit in front of the computer and refresh your computer each minute to check on available opportunities to write reviews. Whether you get any opportunities or not depends on factors like your blog theme or category and also your blog's PageRank (PR). My PR is currently 2, so i've more opportunities now. But there are terms and conditions that must be met. You can't simply take up all opportunities in a day. You need to alternate between a paid blog and a non-paid one. That means if you have 3 opportunities, you need to write 3+3 blogs (3 paid, 3 unpaid intermittently) - that's a total of 6 blogs... even I don't have time to do it. Claire has persuaded that I take all the opportunities but then, well, I've done too much typing in the office already. So I've let go a few opportunities for this reason. I've to thank Claire for helping me too, so now I'm helping others.

    Can't be greedy. Don't be. That's the secret. And don't ruin your health just because you want money quickly.

    Another thing, PPP and SS are very American, so don't be fooled if they say that bloggers can earn thousands; many of the ads that offer big bucks (US$5 or more) are not meant for Asians. There WERE Malaysians who have earned quite a lot from reviews but not anymore especially when more people already know about PPP and SS - the early bird catches the worm.

    Check out my blog onMonetise Your Blog to find out more. Beware of scams - some don't pay.

  3. I wonder why some people dont want to shared the fortune..emm.. anyway, I like to some extra income also hehhehee..

  4. once I find out the secret, I'll share with you, eugene... for now, i'm still blindly stumbling around trying to find out how to earn good money, hehe...

  5. Kev knows better now.. once experienced, it will be easier but of course, as he said, time is the factor.. but since u hv pr2, as i said, it will be easier for u to get opps to write, at least better than my 0 ranking. ok, with all these info, when r u going to start making money? :)

  6. Well you know how people can be, especially business-minded folk. They share stuff but they don't go deep. They don't want competition. I say you explore it yourself and look for other people who can help you without being selfish but it would be better if you study it yourself. Studying it yourself will be the best advantage.

    And same here, I'll share my knowledge to people who ask LOL.

    Much Love,

  7. i have no time for PPP or things similar to that... got deadline ler.. now just hoping that ppl will find my ad interesting n click on it to read...

  8. Bro, I thought you were going to talk about the song by The Hollies.

    Making money online... And people who teach people how to make money online...hmm...

    First thing that comes to mind, if they are going to do that, why don't they continue making themselves richer, instead of teaching people how to do it? There could be 2 explanations why they do this,

    1) they really love sharing with people their trade secrets of getting rich or

    2) that's how they get rich, by teaching people how to get rich (what an oxymoron if you ask me).

    I have seen people who can make 5 figures etc with some secret ways of doing it, but you must register for the course or join as a member or something before they can reveal you the 'truth'. Somehow feels like a ponzi scheme to me.

    Anyway, I think it works both ways, you share and you get. Not necessarily monetarily, it can be friendships, or it can be some great advice. People who pratices close-door policy normally also close up to the opportunities that comes knocking.

    No free lunch out there, but I believe that you must have the ability to give, before you can receive.

  9. well said bro yow chuan, the more you give ,the more shall thy receive.