Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Begin with the end in mind,

I strongly believe everything will face with impasse or come to a deadlock when room for communication, discussion, offering of ideas, evaluating ideas is totally shut down or come to a naught, and hence it will eventually bring about a downfall to let say, a relationship, a marriage, a friendship or even a business.

There is one old cliche, "two heads are better than one" i believe that too,but as far as my business partner is concerned, that seems not to be the case. I have been in business with this partner for many years now, and the only problem that sitll lingers between the two of us is that we dont have communication, and i am dead tired of initiating anymore, i am worn out as far as giving ideas to the company is concerned, because hardly any of mine will be even considered lest accepted, slowly i am draining out for sure.

Can we accept dissentments, allow different ideas, opinions to collide and the friction of thoughts, to manifest itself so that a common objective is acheived and for the benefits of all concerned.

Most often then not, a great idea is born, when minds of different standard come together, one might be lower than your in many fields but that doesnt mean he doesnt have idea, and that also doesnt mean he will not help to bring that idea to fruition.

Did you know how the famous www.flickr.com photo sharing portal came to life and took the world by strom, with only one idea from one nobody. The founder initially wanted the name flicker, and that is too common, so during the brain storming session, one lady simply sprung from nowhere, and said how about dropping the "e" from the word flcker, lo and behold, and yes flickr is big if not for one idea coming from one nobody.

You just cant be the one, who keeps asking for the door to open, when the one inside is not willing to walk forward to open it for you, and that's the dilemma i am facing now. During this difficult time, it would be so much harder than the good times, and if we were to live by status quo, and we will know the end result..