Friday, January 16, 2009

That's why i love her................

Have you ever experienced this. when you are alone and you send your thought to capture certain moments you had with your spouse, and it makes you laugh,it sends giggles to your jaws and that feeling of appreciation that indeed you are blessed to have someone that special in your life.....

One of the common traits that my wife and i have is both of us are funny,comical and hilarious even to ourselves, we can crack impromtu jokes, churning out our antics, and being ludicrous as she is, she just knows how to make me laugh and that why i love her.........

I was watching the excerpts of past Australian Open (Tennis) the other night, as usual she just loves to sweep the floor in front of the TV set while i am glued to the idiot box. Suddenly,she knew that i was angry and slightly agitated then out of a sudden she purposely said "wa ! that David Beckham can play so good tennis one" at this moment, i knew she wanted to crack me up, and driving me up, and i threw back at her and said " dear, that's not David Beckham, that's David Arumugam, Austarian Open defending champion" she said "bull shit" and we both have a good laugh out of this.

I love being with my wife, sharing jokes, poking fun at each other even during intimacy (if you know what i mean) It is always fun when the lights are out and the clothes are off, that's why i never get bored being with her and that's why i love her..........

P/S : For each passing day, i grow to love her even more.............


  1. aww.... ur wife is one lucky woman! :)

  2. yeah... that's a great way to diffuse... haha...

  3. sweet!!! Cherish every moment...

  4. bro, im becoming more like you leh.....been posting about my wife :)

  5. just wishful thinking for me bro. but lovely post nonetheless. so happy for you my friend. ciao!

  6. u're such a lucky man...ur wife also very lucky to marry a man like u...soo lucky laa u both...

    hey...u've been tagged by me :)

    gud luck...

  7. Your wife is a very lucky woman! A sense of humour is important but a SHARED sense of humour is even better!

  8. Hi. It's me Joyce. What I posted at Jovial's blog it's just really nothing. I'm just saying this through experience.

    If you need any help that could help your son get through life, just drop me a line. I'd be happy to help.

    By the way, your wife and children must be so lucky to have a loving husband and father like you.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Bless you.

  9. it's great to know that.
    love still in the air.