Thursday, January 15, 2009

The night i did the right thing........

As the Chinese New Year draws nigh, i will always get a lot of invites for drinking sessions from my buddies, which is kind of norm during the festive seasons and last night was no exception.

I was supposed to meet my buddies at 8.30 to my usual watering hole for another binging round, as i was making myself up to head straight out, suddenly i saw the faces of my family(my wife, my two sons) whcih were dimmed with dissappointment and my youngest came and clang on to me, and he uttered these meekly "Pa, you are going out ka? please come back early, i miss you".

I was thinking to myself, i was out Monday night and i must not do it tonight, and in keeping in line in one of my New Year's resolutions, that is to drink less and spend a lot more time with my family, i decided to go out for less than 1/2 hour (because i dont like to skip appointment) and came back home very early.

I managed to do just that, came back early and did the happy thing with my two sons, laid them down besides me on the bed, talking to them as there were having their bed time reading session.

Seriously, i could have made a lot of excuses to go out and drink with my buddies( as much as i would want to) but i knew there was a more important thing for me to do than "syiok sendiri (self gratification), my family has the higher priority for me than binging.

P/S : I can make excuse, but my family will cry hue


  1. Wah!!

    You really a nice father Eugene!

    Yup, we can make excuse, but in the end, we can't have the happiness by our side.

    You already make some preparation for CNY?

    Xin nian kuai le!
    (I hope I spell it correctly)

  2. next time yam char.. dont yam sing la... haha...good for yr health too... then can come back early cos yam char not so syiok.. :)

    wish u and yr family


  3. yum char too much also no good.....instead of beer belly, got kopi belly, like me...hehehehe

  4. I am glad you really did it!! When I was young, I used to feel unhappy whenever my father went out and drink with his friends. But my father did not do the same thing like you that time. I used to ask myself why couldn't my father stayed longer in the house. He could have read us stories or accompany us in our studies~

    Your sons are lucky to have a father like you! Keep it up :D

  5. that's cool....

    one thing might lead to another

  6. Wish you and your family... That is the sort of responsibility a family man should have... In our area (Tamil Nadu, India)if is person is drunken, he will not be allowed in the house.. it is considered to be such a crime... anyways.. try to stop drinking. If not at least reduce it day by day.. on day u ll stop it fully.. that is great for your health...

  7. Oops suddenly i feel as if i am an hard core drunkard, dont worry guys,i dont drink to get drunk,it is only the drinking session which is taking on quite not so nicely for me.

    thank you for your concern, i know just what to do, i am an responsible family man.

    thank you once again, really appreciate it, guys.

    love ya

  8. Congrats on keeping up with your resolution :) Anything's possible if you put your mind to it.

  9. My father was never the kind to go out with friends after working hours. He strictly keep 'friends' and 'associates' at bay and only meet them up for lunch, and not after working hours. I never see him to fail coming home before 7pm every day of his life, unless he's outstation. He's not the 'yum cha' kind of guy, so when I got married, I cannot get used to the fact that my husband goes out with his friends to chill constantly. I never understood why men needs to yum cha. I have always thought that after working hours, men should devote their time for wife and children. He's not an anti social guy, but he have his priority straight-he truly believed in his motto, which is 'Whatever I do, it's for my family', and he always believe that friends can leave him anytime they want, but his family will never do that to him. I didn't see him complain about his lack of 'freedom' or lack of 'nightlife'. He's very comfortable in staying home after work to unwind with his wife and daughters. He found tutoring my sister and I everyday more rewarding than going out with friends, and I truly admire him for that. If only all men out there think the way my father does, more wives and more children out there would be happier people. The savings account would be happier too.

  10. I'm somehow touched by your entry here.As a responsible father I'm sure you're making good time for your family and perhaps slowly cut down on your social drinking.Your family needs you more than your buddies at the hangouts.

  11. i've given up drinking a long time ago. hate the hangover that comes afterwards. i only drink now on occasions. you're so right bro. you did the right thing... bless you for doing so.

  12. Hi thanks for dropping by my blog. Wow you are a good father. Bravo! But I think sometime it is alright to go out hanging with ur buddy to catch up with them. :)

    P/S: You have a nice blog. Mind me adding you to my list?

  13. can buy dozen of heineken and drink at home mah *rolleyes*