Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All because..... you asked for it

Do you believe in these cliches "you reap what you sow" "what goes around comes around" or may be this "do unto others what you want others do unto you". I am not that religious kind of person, but i strongly believe that's a law of universal. famously known as law of attraction.

My own uncle left his wife many years ago for a girl who is 15 years younger than he is. After his departure, his legitimate wife had to slog to keep the family afloat wihtout the support coming from my uncle.

Fast forward to today, his once young wife has left him for another guy after so many years working illegally in England, now my poor uncle who can no longer work is suffering the same tortures, torments, helplessness and lonliness his legitimate once suffered, and now he is reaping the fruits that he once sowed.

My uncle's children from the first marriage, depise the biological so much that they would not allow him any chance of keeping in touch with them for they know when they were small how their mother was treated, they saw her tears and now as cruel as it may seem, they are standing up for their mother, and it is pay back time for my uncle.

I always think, if i were to cheat on my wife and inflicting her with all the sorrows and pains, would i like the same kind of treatments if my wife were to cheat on me? The answer is simple, i love her so much that i would not let her go through this torment, and wouldnt want the same to happen to me.

P/S : Cheat and be cheated


  1. very true bro. i for one, like you love my wife so much that i wouldnt want to hurt her in any ways. its the greed and lust of men that brought your uncle into abandoning his 1st wife. but it's never too late to say sorry, even when his children would not forgive him. if we truly repent, then God's forgiveness will prevail. cheers and god bless... :)

  2. yes, i truly believe if one were to be sorry for what he/she has done, it is alright to forgive.. after all.. past is past.. maybe easier said than done..
    but i always remember this, who has not sin, cast the first stone.. so i believe all is not righteous except Jesus and if He can forgive us, why not we forgive our brethen?
    ok, just 2 cents of my thoughts..
    oh about no new post in my blog, sigh..last nite headache leh.. slept early a bit..much as i wanted to blog but my eyes couldnt tolerate..
    ok, will be in first gear tonite.. hopefully :)

  3. Hey eugene! Wise words spoken. Take care!

  4. Eugene,

    So true.
    Sad when these happens.
    My church is a so small church but blessed with single mums. We try to support as much, and good that small churches gives the warmth of fellowship. But i kesian the family .. Always better to have both parents are around.

  5. helo eugene,
    thanks for leaving footprints on my blog. so here i am visiting you.
    your blog is interesting and I like family blogs too.
    happy new year

  6. Well, as I always say, retribution will come without fail. It's just a matter of time. He asked for it, he deserve it, and it's time for him to taste his own medicine. Cruel, but serves him right.

  7. i am not siding with your uncle but there's always two sides to a story and make no mistake, i do not condone such acts even if he had the most legit reason for leaving his family. true, what he did was despicable... but the question is what drove him to do that? there should be a reason to that and whatever it is, he acted in such a way he knows best, that is to find his own happiness, kinda selfish? yes! very selfish of him to leave his family. but then, one should also look at his surroundings at the time all this happened. and we should likewise look at the way he was brought up. look at his childhood. maybe by doing so can we the answers why one person can do such an act. there's so many things people can say about your uncle, they can even call him names but what reason can drive a guy to leave his family, more so his children. let us condemn the act and not the person... like claire said: "let someone who is without sin cast the first stone". it is because we are humans and it is in our nature as humans to commit mistakes. we are not perfect, nobody is, and your uncle is no exception. only God is perfect. just my opinion... very nice post bro. have a great week. ciao!

  8. I agree with BongFlo that there's always two sides to a story and make no mistake. Sometimes thing just not happen the way we want it to be. I do believe you reap what you sow. However I also believe in forgiveness. Cheers. :)