Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stop it right there !!!!!! and Please Share

Hey, if you are reading this blog right now and today being TGI Friday and all, please do not just leave after reading the following,will you? please share with me your thoughts or two cents worth about the following, OK?

I believe in life, there have been many events,experiences,UPs and DOWNs, advice dispensed to you, people, even materials that you have read that have shaped or left the indelible marks in your life, WOULD YOU SHARE it with me? yes that one thing and just that one thing.

My sudden urge for this request is simply,i heard from a friend that one of his friends would never again in his life eat "Chary Koay Teow" after his mother demise, the reason for his action was because his mother's death had something to do with "Chary Koay Teow". I was told, the mother was knocked down by a speeding bike while waiting to cross the road to buy tha t food stuff for her son, because he wanted it badly, and unfortunate event took place 25 years ago,when he was only 15.

Sorry,that part i narrated was the sad one, but i claim to believe that are real events in our lives that really could shape us,inspire us and even making us a better man.

To be fair,i share mine. One event that really leaves the indelible mark in my life was my strong headedness and cockiness in refusing to talk to my father when he was leaving for his medical ops, and i never got to talk to him again. That changed me, i strongly propagate that any family dispute should be settled before the sun goes down, and we should start talking again after the quarrel, childish you may say but it got the best part of me, seriously

P/S : Thank you for dropping by and thank you for sharing.


  1. That's were sad stories...

    There was no turning backs for some events, but I do believe that we live for future...Yeah, we need our pasts as well, as the reflection on what we've been through,and learned what to be improve.

  2. I cannot spend a night without sleeping with a woman.

    I dunno wat is the real reason but I think its because I have been having sex since 12years old.

  3. I strongly believe that we should live by compassion,love and peace with others.Embrace with grace and serenity and discard all forms of hostilities,misconceptions and accept others as what they are provided that it doesn't go beyond the norms of moral and religious convictions and then God will always be by our side.Life is a karma, what goes around will come around, and we're predetermined by our fate and destiny. Being humans we're never free of adverse conduct of any forms,and the regrets and realization that comes along with maturity and wisdom will further shape our belief and perceptions and we repent and make amends to be a better person.Just a personal opinion.

  4. hello bro. you were asking how badly affected we were about the flooding, my family and i are basically safe from the floods cause our place is about a kilometer away from one of the nearest flood affected area. the worst that i have experienced here in our place was for the water to enter our home about an inch or two deep, not much and is manageable. the help that i am asking for is for those greatly affected by this calamity to hit our province. casualties now are well into the hundred thousands with the last report that about 300,000 men, women and children were displaced because of the floodwaters. a great majority of them lives by the shore and the banks of the one major river network that cuts through the city. me and my group in the renewal are trying to help out in any way we can. some church organizations too has started already a drive to collect blankets, used clothing and some foodstuff to give out to the casualties of this calamity. i just would like to appeal for prayers that all this may end soon as a lot has already suffered most especially the children. all the best bro! have a great weekend ahead. ciao!

  5. i got a friend who lost her 2 year old son b4 xmas last year due to him 'flying' down from their 7th floor condo corridor.. until today i cant close my eyes at nite without thinking bout that little boy..

  6. i personally do not have bad memories that scarred me till todate. but when i met in an accident with rachel (not married yet at that time) in the car on my way back to kmn, that shook me a lil bit. but rachel was in shock for a few months. till now, she has the chills each and everytime we cross the same road. anyways, pray you have a jolly good weekend =)

  7. When things happen, there are two ways to look at it:

    1. It happened because it's meant to happen.
    2. It happened because of our ignorance, greed and carelessness.

    The melancholic story which you narrated has happened to others, has been portrayed in TV drama series and has been experienced in real life by others, too. And I noticed that mothers are almost always the victims. They bring us into this world; in the end, they die for us when they want to make us happy. Real sad...

    For me, I wouldn't want that to happen to my mom, dad or wife. If I really wanted something badly, and if it involves asking someone I love endangering themselves just to fulfill my wish, I'd rather get it myself.

    But, bear in mind too, that sometimes accidents happen because it's just meant to happen. You've done no wrong, but it just happens. Consequently, you could possibly lose a life - your loved ones or your own.

    p/s: I've refused to talk to family members and friends, too. What good would that do to me? Nothing. In fact, it made me feel more miserable. So, I start talking to them again, though not much - still better than totally ignoring them.


  8. as u said there r ups and downs in our lives..that part is true.. going through the Downs make us a better person, i guess... if not better, at least stronger emotionally...
    someone told me that we go thru bad times so that we can help others when they r in that situation.. comforting them...

  9. yeah our life is full of ups and downs. These are challenges to us. I believe things happen must have its reason - to make us become a better person.

  10. Eugene, a wise thing to do everyday is actually forgive everyone that's close to you before you go to bed. Sometimes God really knocks on our head, and we tend to learn the hard way. I think that's what exactly happened with you and your late father. Now that you regretted not letting him know that you forgave him, I am sure you'll make sure things will work out between your mother and sister and things do not go the same between them the way it happened with your father.

    I have a few things that actually mentally scarred me, but I rather not share as it's rather ridiculous in comparison to your story. LOL...

  11. what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger

  12. We are not saint, we make mistake. Some horrible mistake will end up irreversible damage, lifelong regrets. Sometimes, something that we have done may lead to the happening some bad incidents, like your friend who lost his mom just because that he wanted to eat something. Was that really his fault? But he will regret for the rest of his life. That is because he loves his mother. If there is no love, there would not be any hurt.

  13.'s monday today but anyway, i will still comment. And, I rather 'not comment'... cos no point pondering on the past. Let bygones be bygones, though it may be tough.