Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shopping for thoughts

I have always been a frugal kind of person,and splurging has never been my trait and it has never been my wife's either but over the weekend,we lost the battle and our wallet were bleeding, may be it was the excitement of the coming Chinese New Year that was the main culprit.

I am really greatful for my wife for her sense of frugality, even she is earning quite well but she is not that type who clamours for top notch branded stuff, because she knows her priorities would always be for the family and not at all for her self gratification,for that i am thankfur for her.

So back to the weekend shopping, as we were browsing at the perfumery and cosmetic counter, so we thought"ok today's would be the day we would pamper ourselves" just to get that oomps feelings, and we managed to do just that and believe me it was only the surge of the feel good Chinese New Year's exitement that we broke the rules.

As i was merrily shopping and enjoying ourselves (me and my family), i used this opportunity to tell my two boys about how fortunate we were that we could still have the luxury of buying the stuff that we wanted, and i told them to feel for those especially the children of their age who are denied of this enjoyment and the importance of giving to those who are less fortunate.

I am always very apprehensive about showering chidren with material gratification, even as we could afford it. i dont know about you, but for me i have always wanted my children to appreciate the little that they have, and the value of things that they have and the joy of giving.

Even when my youngest sister gave me the second pants of her son, i was so appreciative about it untill my youngest boy was asking me "why papa can be so happy over some second hand pants" and i told my younges boy " because papa can save some money so that i can buy for you other useful stuffs".

P/S : Give thanks for all the goodness that you have


  1. it's always good to spend wisely...especially in these rough times. :)

  2. it's good not to spoil ur kids.. totally agree with u on that. :)

  3. these few days i also spent like mad woman.. i hope when the bills come, i wont pengsan.. so much to buy esp for my 2nd son.. it is like building another household for him..
    my kids also wore 2nd hand clothing last time.. siapa siapa gave, i let them wear.. after all, they grow up very fast.. esp at yr sons' age now.. :)

  4. Yeah especially now economy no good, we better save if possible. After having kids, I actually almost stop shopping for myself. :)

  5. Hey it's good that you teach your kids to spend wisely. But at the same time I think it's important that you splurge yourself once in a while to balance things up :)

  6. for the sake of saving for the family, I've become a walking shopping price list. My friends always call me up to find out where they can get nice & reasonably priced stuff.

    p.s the expiry stuff was due to my "betrayor maid" who has vanished for good. So glad I'm in full control nw..having been on unpay leave for 7 mths now.

  7. dats great, eugene. As for me, I think I spent quite lot and always give in to my kid's demand...*sigh*... Anyway, been saving though I go for a massage at times to pamper myself.