Wednesday, January 21, 2009

She's a devil woman..(somebody else said it.)

The following is based on a true story in which i happened to know in a way or another all the four characters. A lady friend and her husband (whom i personally know) my girl friend's brother and his wife (of whom i know like hi and bye, so the girl here i shall denote as SIL,in short for sister in law).The content of the story is evident(based on the years i have known her) derived from the conversation i had with the victim (my girl friend,here denotes as Kim).

I knew Kim since th 90s untill today we still keep in touch either by phone or MSN, i have always regarded her a normal good jolly friend (she is always laughing,joking) and it has never occured to me that she would confide in me as far as THIS is concerned. As marriend person, we always talk about family, children (her boy attends the same school as my two boys) and money stuff. With this friend, talking about marriage and sex is stricktly a taboo, as i could do with othere girl friends of mine, so i always refrain from entering the restricted zone with her.

But the last conversation via the phone i had with her was a total shocker to me, we started as usual, talking about family and whatever not, dont know how on earth did i begin to ask about her SIL, and only at this moment her pleasant tone began to die off, in return she paused for a quite awhile and asked me to stop asking about her SIL, i was curious therefore with my most comforting voice i asked "is there anything wrong with you or with her." She refused to answer,but as far as i am concerned,i have always had the uncanny ways of getting the answers from the most difficult situation,eventually she conceded,and her answer really shocked me.

With her voice choked in between conversation she finally said "My sister in law almost destroyed my family" as curious as i was i pursued "what did she do ?" and angrily she said "she fucked with my husband" there was a dead silent at this point because i do know her SIL and i was really shocked to hear about this, for this is not a normal extra marital affair, this is incest.

After a short pause she told me that her husband finally admitted to the affair and she was told that it had been going on for about 3 years. I really pity this friend of mine, she is in the most akward situation, she cannot go and bash up her husband's mistress for she is her SIL and she cannot go and tell her brother of what his wife did for she wouldnt know what would the most ugly outcome it would bring about.

When asked if she had forgiven her husband now that he had confessed, she didnt say a word she just said she stayed on only for the sake of the children. I stopped asking further and sincerely i wished her well.

I strongly believe an old Chinese idiom that it would be so hard even for a hero not to fall in the face of a beauty.

P/S : If she can give it to you, for sure she wants it back.


  1. Oh boy, was I shocked to know this incest happen to your friend. Thought only I seen in movies. I really pitied your girlfriend.

  2. Wow this is really complicated. I think it is not really that bad in a way that the husband is still sustaining the family with her. If the husband still love her, I think there is still a chance to sort things out (provided your friend still want to give him a chance). Kids are the key. All the best to your friend. I think she's a strong women.

  3. OMG!

    Pity face such difficulties...I hope that she face it in such a gentle ways. Must be hard for her, need to face the husband, SIL and her own brother...

    May GOD bless her...

  4. Wow, pity your friend. Felt sorry for her.

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  6. If she had forgiven her hubby..that's very TAI FONG of her. Wonder where the hubby SIL should hide their faces after this secret was revealed. If for me I not sure if I could even stay on for the sake of the children.
    May God bless your fren with inner peace & strength & ocurage to stay on.

  7. I really like to fuck that SIL...

    sounds really sexy to me..

  8. *sigh* Another case of where a wife forgave her husband for his infidelities and moved on... but this one is quite terrible, isn't it? This is not just a normal extra-marital affair, this is INCEST! WTF... I would have hired someone to bash up the SIL or something...omg, stupid bitch! What a fucking husband too!

  9. i also thought such thing only happens in movies, sweat. if i were that lady, i will never forgive that unfaithful husband and will divorce him.

  10. Oh My God..!!

    nak marah pun tak bleh, tak marah pun tak bleh...lagipun dah confess..tapi :aku: rasa ur ex should tell her brother laa...then only the SIL will get lesson...if not, ada tendency lagi utk diaorg bercouple lagi bila keadaan sudah reda...

    tak sangka...tak pernah dengar this kind of story in reality...selalu on movies je...wish the best to ur ex...wish the worst to her SIL (boleh ke camtu..??)