Thursday, January 22, 2009

Really ! Believe it or not ?

Went to see a customer yesterday as i entered into the office, it was enveloped with a thick smoke, resulted from the burning of incense papers and joss-sticks. I was feeling uneasy with the smoke and the smell emitted, so i entered straight to the person in charge's office.

And as inquisitive as i am i asked the PIC, what all those smoke and burning of incense papers for. She told me her boss hired a so called a "medium" to help to enshrine a deity with the hope to bring back more business to the company as the company's business has plummeted quite significantly.

So they say,desperate situation requires desperate action, so is seeking the help from the super being could be the recourse? Personally, i dont believe in this as in Feng Sui, Horoscope and the reading of the future, to me life itself must be a mystery in its own form, and we as the "being" in this life must have the wisdom or sometimes stupidity to enjoy what life has to offer.

Everybody knows life is not a bed of roses,so therefore it would not be as rosy forever, it entails UPs and DOWNs so when we are enjoying the good times, are we prepared for the bad times?

I have got a friend, whom i may consider a millionaire in his own right and at the same times who stauchly believes in Feng Sui, and he could spend thousands upon thousands of dollar if his "master" advised him to alter this and that for prosperity. I always joke with my friend that with his faitful following of Feng Sui, then why did some of his business ventures still go under when so much advice has been dispensed to him by his "master ,"

With so much craziness and so much uncertainty in the present world, i really hope all the Feng Sui masters and the prophets of the world should combine their wisdom and expertise to make this world a better place, and to change revive the world's economy.

Back to my customer's case, i hope the deity that her boss enshrined should not be blamed if the business did not pick up for her company.

P/S : Let tomorrow stays tomorrow, and let today be today.


  1. well said.. like u, I dont want to believe so much of that... it is like a fear instilled in our minds.. dont ever let them bind our lives..
    Eugene, about the money making, what do u want to know? please ask me, i am always willing to tell u.. my msn account is
    U can contact me from there and perhaps we can share our tips then.. just a kopi 0 kaw kaw will do.. :))

  2. i dun give a darn bout fung sui too.. but i AM interested in the kopi O kaw kaw reanaclaire! ;) ;)

    eugene.. love the new pics of u and family... have a happy holiday and drive safely shud u be on the road. :)

  3. feng sui is fun to read but not fun to practise..a bit impractical the heck can i avoid not sleeping on the north side if that's the only position my bed can be?invest in some golden statue to rid away bad luck?eer...i don't think soo...

  4. i am another superstitious one lol. i believe in everything, from feng shui to horoscope and yeah, i used to spend a lot buying feng shui stuffs, haha!