Friday, January 23, 2009

Career Crossroad.......

I happened to stumble upon this piece of news while reading online news which carries the news that a giant US chip maker with the initial big "I" will close its two plants in Penang, so i checked with my friends to verify it, and my friend came back to me that it was true, Plant 6, Plant 7 will be axed.

Call it whatever you like, economy tsunami, downturn, recession or even depression, but the implications and the effects that ensue will have far reaching aftermaths that one can fathom.

If you have enough money ready to brace the rainy days, then most probably you dont have to worry about it, but to those who live litterally from hand to mouth or those who have all types of loans to pay(housing,car, credit or even personal loan) just what would happen to them when they are served with the "Dai Shun Fong" laying off notice. It would be even worse, when you are already in your late 30s or even 40s, would it be any easier to get a new job as soon as it disappears.

It is a common pratice now that a number of factories are now executing some cost reduction measures which include shutting down operation, for instance, from this 25th of Jan to the 9th of Feb, the workers will have to use their annual leaves to hedge against this period of temporary shutting down and in the event that your annual leaves are exhausted,then there would be a pay cut...which in the end will affect the worker's household income, then there are loans that will be defaulted.

I pray to God that, he will show his mercy for those who are in need and giving them the peace of mind to whether the storm. And those who are not affected in anyway by this onslaught, let us too show our human side to help in whatever way we can to those who need our help, just dont turn them away when they come to us for help, no matter how little we give, it will make hell of difference to those who are in dire strait.

Lastly. let us learn to humble ourselves to believe that GOD indeed will see us through.

NOTE : i really need to add this at the eleventh hour, bumped into a friend while taking lunch with my mother, James is his name, a very nice man. He told me that he would be laid off by this end of this month, he is or (was) a sales manager from a reputable pharmacy US Co and the Comapny is pulling out from Malaysia as i was told.. no further elaboration.
(to my friend James Jeremiah, have faith in GOD and the floodgates of blessing shall be open before you)

P/S. If there are big praws and big fish in your plate, think for those who cant even have a proper meal..... GOD BLESS MALAYSIA


  1. Josephine's principal: "I can be stingy, but cannot be greedy!!"

  2. yaya...i heard about it too. its going to get worse. omg omg. back from my hiatus state d :)

  3. yup you are right, it is so hard to lose a job nowadays. i sympathize to all who will be affected by these events. with the uncertainty of what the future might bring, you were doubly right in saying that GOD will see them all throughout their ordeal. HE is our rock, our PORTION forever. very nice post bro.

    p/s: how has life been treating you so far. and how was the CNY?

  4. time is really bad.. if we think we are ok, it will somehow get unto us once our 'connection' are effected.. it seems that time is getting worst after July.. so he we are.. getting ready to braze ourself for a tougher time ahead!