Monday, January 05, 2009

A lasting friendship

Just a question to ask, how many of us have really good friends and how many of our once good or best friends have now become our enemy.Just take another exercise, go look up to your wedding photos, and see for yourself how many of those who attended your wedding that you are still keeping in touch with, and how many of them you still know of their current status, keep the answer to yourself,ok?

My wife and her two good pals Jessie and Florence

I was indeed very happy and proud of my wife for in her life she has many good friends, and i was even more amazed that two of her ex Uni mates of over 15 years, would deliberately make their holiday trip all the way from Taiwan to visit my wife here in Penang. When i asked them why would they want to come to Penang for a holiday,their answers were spontaneous and uniformed that they wanted to visit a good old friend.

I knew their intention was genuine, for during their 4 days stay here most of their time were spent catching up the good old days, their Uni life, their families, their works and off course very minimum amount of time were spent shopping.

I remember, these two very good friends of my wife flew all the way from Taiwan 13 years ago just to attend our wedding, and i am thankful for their effort then and now.

Over the dinner last night,i suggested to these two wonderful lady friends of my wife that they should in the spate of every three years or so,they must come out with a holiday destination that three of them must attend for the sake of good old friendship, and that reminds me of the three main characters of MAMA MIA, it so wonderful and so sweet.

Remember Rosie, Tanya and Donna in MAMA MIA? three good old friends

Seriously we dont need a lot of good friends, we just need even one or two of good friends that will always have one another in our hearts, then life is indeed be very beautiful.

P/S, Good friends are just like memory in your thumb drive, if you dont erase it,it will forever be there.


  1. you are spot on! good friends? quality won over quantity anytime!

  2. long lasting friends are hard to come by

    one day i should blog about them, only when i can get their photos

  3. yeap!! luckily i still got 2 old good friends i knew since we are in secondary school and attending the same school since primary. :)

  4. I cant agree more with u Eugene..that's why despite unwell, I attended the 20 yrs reunion with my schoolmates ( as u've read in my blog).

    bTW we r watching MamA mia for the 10th time..that show is so beautiful.