Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Days i forgot to say i love you

Today being the really start of a working day for year 2009, i am truly blessed that The One up there has blessed me with two new customers in the burgeoning days for the new year, and really thank God for the blessing.

This morning as i woke up and really felt that something was amiss in my life, i really felt but at that point i didnt know what it was, so after taking breadfast i vegetated for a while trying to ponder what was amiss in my life particulary today, finally i got the answer.

I totally forgot to hug and kiss my wife for a few days now and forgot to say "I Love You" to her as we both were busy, i was busy taking care of the kids and she was busy with her friends from Taiwan, without hesitation i sent a text message a brief as "I Love You"

I know husband and wife of the current age, we really have so many things to cope with, our careers, our works, money, and most of all the children. As we embroil with all these chores, if you dont step back for a while to relook at our priorities, then may be we wil be treading at the thrasehold of unwanted things to come. If we fail to acknowledge that that are more important things in our lives besides money, careers, children homeworks or scoring As,then probably by the time we realize it,it will be a bit harder to rekindle.

I know my wife for one is also preoccupied with her career, family and the children's study, so as a husband i need to do what i need to do to lessen her worries and to let her know that she will always be loved, and for that reason she will find strength to brace it all.

P/S : If you are breathing too fast, then you are missing the joy of breathing slowly


  1. It's not easy to maintain back the same kind of chemistry as when you are dating...
    Anyway, happy 'working' year 2009.... it's back to work... :(

  2. aww... u r so sweet.. can i vote ur for hubby of the year? ;P

  3. words are very powerful.....people often say "action speaks louder than words"....well, i say " actions must be complemented with words". i say that to my love every morning too :) but we add "8 tidur" as in infinity....love without boundary and has no end.. cheers bro

  4. then if you are breathing too slow?