Saturday, January 03, 2009

Wait till you are old,, seriously

After attending a New Year eve gathering cum party organized by my yongest sister solely for the family members, i wanted to write something about it because i was so happy and thankful that my youngest sister took the effort for calling the party, and simply because such gathering of family members is so precious for me and because it is so hardly to come by.( I will divulge on this may be next time), even i was happy but i was sad and emo at the same time, my eldest sister the one i love the most chose not to attend may be for the reason best known to her.

Over the party, we all the siblings out of nowhere were harping on the my mother who is 73 years old now, one sister was complaining about how hurtful she was for something my mother did to her 10 over years ago, then my brother chipped with the same feelin. I was there listening sitting next to my wife, wondering inside why are they still harbouring this ill feeling after so many years, could the hurt be so sad and tormenting that lingers one till this day, i really dont have the answer for it,only they themselves know.

If you have read my blog entry with the title "the story of an old lady" then most probably you would know the life my mother went through, it was so no bed of roses for her. And now that we the children are all grown up, and because of her love and concern for her own children, she has courted the wrath from her daughter and even from her most beloved grandsons. They are angry with her now, because she was too concerned if her daughter could have a good life after her divorce, whether the new man in her daughter's life will not ditch her in the end, and if her grandson will find himself a good wife or not. You might say she is so stupid to worry about all this for they are all adults now but i can understand she is a mother and a grandmother who cares for them.

If she has insisted on the character of "couldnt care less" then probably my eldest sister would not have severed the tie with her, and even my second sister wouldnt have felt agitated by her grumbling and nagging all because she cares and loves for us all.

I told my sister about how my mother as a matriach in the family, with so many of us down the lines as sons and children, grandsons and granddaughters, son and daugther in laws, how she will never be free untill the day she kicks the buckets to concern about each and every one of us.

I hope my siblings wait not have to wait untill we are my mother's age in order to feel for her, i sincerely pray that they understand a 74 years old lady is a 74 years old lady, she cant be 47 anymore, and i also reckon that i cant tell my mother to stop worrying about each and everyone of us, she just cant.

I pray that God will grant her good health, and serene mind and always be at peace with herself, and i truly love this wonderful mother of mine, and i regret the troubles that i have given her and i pledge i will tolerate even with her screwdest remarks, seriously for i have only one mom who is 74 now.

P/S : I will always remember that i still have a mother who cares, and i am thankful for it


  1. yeah.. mothers are mothers and old is old..we cant escape that.. one day we will be 74 too if we r bestowed with such a long life..
    yesterday me and my 2 ladyfrens were talking about their mums too, one mum is already in hallucination, thinking that her kids want to "murder" her, and one mum likes to talk bad about her daughters in front of her frens..
    hearing all these, i am so thankful that i hv nothing to complain about my mum, nothing at all.. only we siblings make mistakes and not her.. I am so grateful for that..
    Thank God for my mum, each nite i pray that God will give her many more healthy years to be with us...

  2. bro...seriously, this is a very good post. i feel you bro. i for one love my mom dearly, coz i only had a parent since i was 7 years old. my dad passed on when i was in primary 1. needless to say that my mom gave us all. although, there are hiccups along the way, she never fails to show her love. i guess, when we were young, we never try to understand our mothers. only when we are much older. mothers will always be mothers. they will nag and nag just about everything, even to this very day. but someday, there comes a point in our life that we will miss those naggy days...cheers bro and God bless. :)

  3. Mothers will always be mothers. Nobody should blame their mom for caring for them! That's simply not right. I bet when I grow older, I would fret on whether my daughter is well taken care of by her husband and if my son is well fed by his wife!