Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Smoothen the friction............

First thing first, i am just another human,i need love,hugs,kisses, and closeness. May be this morning i woke up at the wrong side of the bed, i was looking to be "close' with my wife last nite(forget about it if you dont know what i mean), but it was not forthcoming as she was tugging the children to sleep there went the "last nite"

Full of excitement i woke up, only to see her going out running, turned on the TV switched to MTV channel, danced a bit, did 32 push ups as waiting for her to come back, may be we could be "close" again while the chidren were still sleeping, signal sent out but to her oblivion as she was busy tending to the children's breadfast so my excitement was once again bathed with disappointment.

At this point i was not that pleasant and inviting,i bathed, i attired, i shot out to work and as i was going out she handed over me the breadfast i didnt look at her i just walked off. Then she was saying something like "hey what did i do that offended you ?" Seriously at this juncture, i felt like telling her that all i wanted was to be close to her even for a while, hey but then again she might say "cant you see i am busy now" it is funny right ?

That's the best part, the part of you thought you knew it all in a relationship but actually you dont at all. Sometimes i can make a lot of excuses of how insensitive my partner is towards my feelings, i can groan and groan or even getting hostile about it, it is just not right,she is my wife i can i do this to her.

As for me it is good to have friction in a relationship, it is the friction that makes it smoother only if both are willing to be open about it and to work on it and sprinkle some love on it. I am indeed glad that i have a wonderful wife despite some hicupps.

P/S. There is no one perfect relationship,if there is one then it will not be perfect.......that's the thrill...........

9.12 am


  1. there is always tonite, tomorrow and the next, next....nextttt.... as long as the feel is there, that is all that matters..

  2. got "friction" then only syiok mah....hahahaha.

  3. i believe in open communications! Open up and talk and let each other knows what you're thinking.

  4. hi bro! just now that i was able to visit here, i've been busy finishing up on some things that needs to be done before the year ends. you are right again here on this post bro. there is no perfect relationship. for a relationship to prosper, both spouses must learn to work at it and sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the relationship. i have always believed that married life is not a bed of roses and definitely not a one way street, its two way man and the street gets too crowded sometimes. it is up to us to always clean up and throw away those things that add clutter and only makes the street narrow for passing. the partners must at all times remove all obstructions that tend to get in the way so that traffic will flow smoothly. very nice post bro! gotta go, ciao!