Thursday, December 04, 2008

Run my friend run.........

If you happen to be someone who procastinates to start doing some exercise,and you seem to never have the motivation for it, i have got good news for you......try running.

Could it be true that you dont have time to exercise,it could be true but at the same time it could be otherwise as well. If your exercise regime requires you have a fix time to do it,then eventually you'll get weary with it and then you'll drop out.

Why running can be so much fun ? It is simply because we can do it almost anytime and anywhere and you dont have to wait for anybody else to run, just invest in a pair of good running shoes,dont worry so much of the running vest and shorts but good running shoes are imperative .

I have been running for the past 10 years or so, i dont have running mates neither do i join any running groups because i just want to free from any scheduled routines. I run about 4 to 5 times weekly,when i come back from work i dont have to wait for anybody,i loaf into my running shoes,there i go hitting the road in the vicinity of my neighbourhood. I run for 1 hour or so everytime non-stop, but once a week i will push myself to do a little longer,just to feel the excitement and telling myself that i can do it, kinda of a self pep talk

Trust me running is one simple and healthy exercise that anyone can do,forget about the monthly gym subcription,just invest in a pair of good running shoes then i bet you'll be on your way to discover the many benefits of running.

Just start small,by doing 5 minutes run when you feel comfortable then increase your time to 15 minutes and so forth. Try doing it 3 times weekly consistenly, consistency is the keyword for keeping that habit of running. If you continue doing it for about a month of so, i bet my bottom dollar that you'll get addicted with it.

My wife detested running at first but now running is part of her life.Running keeps your youth(not for marathoners), good cardio,stress reliever,enhances your mental focus,improve your stamina and libido and most of all it makes you feeeel great........

P/S. Men were born to run,it is our birhtright


  1. I realise once you started exercise, you do it regularly but once you stopped, it's tough to restart again.

  2. =.= I cannot run. :-( The only sport I can do is just swimming...and tai-chi.

  3. I love to run. Ran Penang Bridge run during my young days. But now stamina a bit out. Starting again!

  4. nope, running is not for me bro. you see i am a bit on the heavy side (about 92kgs) and running might damage my knees which by the way has been damaged already for playing varsity basketball during high school. am into biking now. problem is i can't seem to be consistent on my riding. hoping to have a consistent time for exercise like you bro. very nice post... ciao!

  5. i can run...for like 500 metres...hehehehe. unless there's a dog chasing me from behind. :) actually, like cleffairy, im more into swimming. total body workout. but cant find the time for it at the moment. as for taichi....i guess most of us does it at work..hahahahaha :P

  6. i'm a good girl! I do yoga 3-4 times a week eugene! :)

  7. Like to run in my dream, cause it feels no tire

  8. Calvin... ahahaha, yeah, tai-chi at work, everyday also got do it. ahahahaha... :-P push work to ppl everywhere... LMAO.