Saturday, December 06, 2008

The good side from the down side.........

I spent the whole part of yesterday morning visitng my customers, there is only one conclusion that i could sum it all up from the visit, the domestic economy is not doing well at all. I just dont want to dwell so much in this malaise rather i want to look at it from the positive side from this down side to share with you.

Imagine you've got a 1oo dollars in your wallet in two different scenarios, good and bad times. During the good times,you dont think twice of spending that 100 dollars but during the bad times,you'll learn to make sure that every cent in that 100 dollar is well spent and that makes you a frugal person.

During the bad times, you could just hear so many unpleasant news of cutting costs, company downsizing, laying offs or even company winding up. Then suddenly for those who have never been so industrious in their jobs, out of a sudden they got worried and begin to change their attitude to become more productive than ever for they fear that they may just lose the jobs, so the bad times litterally change you to a better person.

For the quys, during the good times you dont have problem spending that extra money on beer drinking session and even happy hours which usually will last till late night,and the family will be neglected (the children and the wife) . Now the bad times are here, company cutting entertainment claims,and you dont get to enjoy as much as you could afford so go back early to enjoy the meals with the family, eventually the family tie is strengthened.

During the good times, you will never bother to look at your utility bills(electricity, water, phone bills and etc) but the bad times will spur you to look at them now because you need to be cautious on how you spend on these bills, you have learnt to be smart in your spending and that will help to save the environment too, dont you agree ?

During the good times, you have no problems taking your children out to fast foods outlets for meals instead of cooking simple home meals. Fast foods outlets are no cheap and not that healty as well. So during bad times,you cut those visits and home cooked meals will be the order to the day. And that makes you a healthy person.

P/S: If you can see the good from the bad, you dont have to worry so much


  1. You are right, my brother. In this bad times, we need to tighten our belts, but in return we need to spend a bit just to keep our economy "going".

  2. Yeah, we should spend wisely, no matter good or bad times. But honestly speaking, everyone prefers good time where you get to spend without thinking twice. Money will keep flowing in :)

  3. Msia is not doing that bad compare to lotta other countries..

    stay calm brother!

  4. thank you passing by. and exactly, i am addicted to blogging. not because its my hubby but its my way of living.

    yeah...we need to tighten our belts these days.

  5. I heard Bali is cheap for Oakley.

    Not online though. And erm, sorry but I haven't heard of Rudy Project sport sun glasses.

  6. that is the secret to the crises the world is experiencing nowadays. make every cent count in every expenditure. we have to learn to separate the "needs" from the "wants". dropped by here today bro. to read your posts. have a great and blessed weekend. ciao!

  7. Hi Bro.Well said. Looking for the positives in times of challenges and soldiering on.

  8. Love your last sentence: "If you can see the good from the bad, you don't have to worry so much"

    Nice quote, my friend.

  9. @ Celine... but you're shopaholic worr. LMAO...

    Yeah, there are good things that comes out from the bad time. I do agree with that, however, sometimes, it's hard to see the good from the bad, because there are so much suffering we have to endure.