Monday, December 08, 2008

To wait upon........

I was pondering over a verse taken from Bilbe, "good things shall come to those who wait" looking at those words, nothing so profound i thought to myself but as i dwelled deeply in this verse, suddenly i realized that's one action in those words that i have personally overlooked the importance of it, and the word is "WAIT"

I challenge you to to this exercise, close your eyes and immerse yourself in your own seclusion and free yourself from thoughts and starting timing yourself and see how long you can go, the chances are you cant go any longer than 5 minutes , that just to prove that to wait might not be as easy as you think it is.

Why then the bible says the good things shall come to those who wait, and what good things is it trying to tell us. I personally think this advice of the Bible holds so much truth to it,just imagine how many arguments can be averted, how many hurtful words can be saved from being uttered,how many misunderstandings can be made understood, how many relatioships or friendships can be saved if we know how to do just one thing, that's to WAIT.

To qoute an example, i was having a drink with my wife and a few friends the last weekend,it was an enjoyable gathering because i love to be in their company over some drinks and suddenly one friend started hurling unfriendly words at me, accusing me of not answering his calls, to be frank i was furious and i wanted to fight back to defend myself, i was thinking if i did what i thought was right then i would lose a friend which i consider a good friend. So i waited and waited calmly untill he said he wanted to leave, so a friendship was saved because i waited.

I am glad with all humility ,i am still learning from life itself, for life itself is a mirror that reflects our weaknesses that no one will ever know.

P/S : A little wait can save us from big trouble ,, think about it


  1. *sigh* I'm an impatient one... I'm never good at waiting....

  2. Right on bro, couldn't agree with you more. But sometimes, "waiting" does drives me nuts.