Saturday, December 13, 2008

Risk Management in Marriages

The phrase "risk management" is an economical jargon that explains the needs to manage the risks, the impending risks or the future risks in any businesses in order to survive the onslaught of risks should it happen. If there is no proper risk management in place and the risk should occur, businesses might be plummeted to doom.

But today i am going to share with you my own defination of risk management in marriages that in my opinion is crucial to certain extend for a lasting marriage. The look into one's fantasy,lust, crave, loneliness, enticement, self control, weaknesses and excuses.

First of all,let me make myself clear i am only a human,flesh and blood i was made, and i aint superman. (hahahaha)

My lovely wife and my two wonderful sons will be away from me for about 11 days for a holiday trip, and i just hate that feeling of being lonely so i have made clear to my good friends that i will be a Married Bachelor for that grueling 11 days and they will have to help me to make plans to fill the vacuum.

You see i have drinking buddies that had promised me to take me to karaoke joints, pubs and "amusement parks. (no correlation to that of driving games "Need for Speed or Initial R") and they promised me it would be fun and more fun. And i knew exactly what they were proposing and i knew as much as i wanted to joint them for these escapades or kinky rendezvous but then again i knew i had to resist the temptation.

As human as i am, imagine being in the company of beautiful ladies and flowing beers and the occasional challenges that might be thrown at me by my buddies to do the "wrong things" that will surely weaken my flesh and poison my mind, i must firmly make my stand and stake my grounds, i only want to have beers but with no "girls" around.

So i have told my buddies jokingly that i need to practise risk management in marriages, a subject which i just read from a book and during my wife's sojourn, it will be just the best time to put in to test, i even told them that i would do somethings unconventional as planting ferns ( a plant which i like the most) and make few pots of it to give my house some green feel and i will finish a novel "My time traveller wife" during my family absence.

P/S : We just cant make excuses from our weaknesses, can we ?


  1. *sigh* ur wife is so damn cool, Eugene. I wun survive 11 days without my husband. I'll mope like some walking corpse.

  2. Ha Ha Risk Management in marriage. Cute phrase.

  3. we would still be responsible for every action that we make. if we decide to go inside a bar, karaoke joints, etc. there would be girls inside of these establishments naturally... we can even talk, dance or sing with them, just don't toe the line. it is always easy crossing over that line, the hard part is crossing back. good thing something's keeping you occupied during those 11 days of being HOME ALONE. all the best bro. have a great weekend! ciao!