Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lonely is the nite......

“ 反来复去 ,睡不着,睡不着,想起你,实 在 。。。。。 (tossing around, just couldnt sleep), this Chinese song kept playing tricks in my mind that resulted me in wake sleeping throughout the nite, the reason for this insomnic condition was my family was not with me . (ya they have gone holidays)

Seriously, it was like some parts of my life was amiss, read my novel, drowned some beers but the thoughts were still lingering about my wonderful wife and my two charming sons, man it was like being detained under the ISA.

I am thankful that and proud that my two lovely sons were hurling kisses and words of "i love you" were flying in the air as my good friend came and picked them up to the airport, it was this moment that the words "i love you" seemed so dear and powerful, and my youngest boy asked me to take good care of myself when they were away, it was no very nice.

So it looks like l will have to brace myself with another 10 lonely nights without the gems of my life, i will miss them dearly for sure................

7.00 am Saturday
P/S, I Love you ............................... my pride, my joy and my love


  1. lonely bro? be happy na! just get yourself busy and take this time to blog even more. you are a prolific writer man, i bet you could come up with great ideas to write about. just take it 1 day at a time. have a great weekend bro. ciao!

  2. Hi Eugene, thks for visiting me.
    During absence of your gems, take it as a treat to be bachelor again lor. Too much beer not good for liver though..take red wine instead. Enjoy your loneliness..sometimes it's good for reflection!take care.

  3. Eugene, i understand how you feel. Without my husband's presence, I also feel the same way. I hate loneliness as well. Even though we can go out with friends and stuff, but when we go back home... THE LONELINESS is still there, and we'll still end up tinking and missing our spouse. i dunno bout you, but it's like that for me. *SIGH*

  4. From jovial,your wife and your marvell.

    I have bought a new pair of shoes and two t-shirts.
    We love you pap we went to science centre,orchard road,swimming pool and yiyi's house.Unfortunately you were not here.When we were swimming,rou rou's sister "shitted" on the pool:D

  5. ..people saw the shit, and used a glove to pick it up,then threw it away. She did not do it purposely, she just could not tahan.

    When we were swimming, we played the four extreme slides. There were free fall, speed slide, multi slide and twist slide. We spent only SGD 1 per child & SGD 2 per adult. The pool was fantastic.....

    We enjoyed so much and sad that you did not join us..

    We did not buy things for you cos expensive.....Maybe from JB

    From Marvell & Phobee

  6. Hei Bro. Understand how you feel. Before Ryan arrived, wife used to travel frequently too. Lonely are the nights. But then again, absence do makes the hearts grow fonder. Blog more! Looking forward for more interesting bold talk!

  7. Your boys are just lovely! ;)

    And hmm..why dont u go travel with them?
    Am sure they are missing you too!

  8. yup, that's tough bro!
    Well, maybe you can catch up with your friends andh ave some personal time now.

  9. LOL recently went through the same thing so I know what you mean. Guess it's time to catch up on 'Eugene quality time' you could always read a book or have poker night with the boys at your place :)

    When have they gone btw?