Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The day i saw my future..........

I have always got this penchant for good family themed movies or sitcoms, remember "Kramer vs Kramer, the one starring Merlly Streep and Dustin Hoffman, cannot remember the boy actor name though anyone can help me on this?, and my all time favourite sitcom is "The Cosby Show" and my recent fav is "In pursuit of happyness"

Sunday without my family around is sure no walk in the park for me,woke up and wanted to plan some activities for myself besides lazing and whiling away the day, as tough as i cracked my mind for programmes i only managed to come out with one, there was to go for a run in the afternoon.

So from here to then, besides immersing in the Sunday papers, i did some finger exercising with my fingers by pressing aimlessly on the remote control for pay tv untill i stumbled upon a sneak preview on one tv series entitled "Passage to Treasures"

Starring 秦沛 (Chin pei) taking the role of a wonderful father to 2 sons and a daughter, the character that Chin Pei plays suddenly tossed me into the future, as i watched the sneak preview, i said to myself this is the kind of a father that i wanted to be when my sons are all grown up.

The character is so endearing that he goes as far as getting the right size of the bed and spends the whole nignt fixing it for his son who is coming back from overseas and makes sure that his sons will have their favourtie foods awaiting them upon their return. He would amplify the greatness of his sons to his friends and feel real proud of doing it.

And the whole family is always filled with laugthers and joy, the wife and the husband's priority is always for the children, and the children acknowledge that indeed they are blessed to have such parent. I am sure the show will not go on with all the goods but given the strong bond of the family,they are able to weather the storms. ( i better not to tail the shows, for i just want to be mesmerized and enthralled by the good parts of the sneak preview)

I would like to envision myself to be synonymous to that character, and to be real proud of my sons when they are a grown up, to do the extra for them, to love them. I will take this as my 福气 (blessing) to be their dad.

P/S. from now to then, i will always be the blessed Papa.


  1. Things may not be that perfect in real life as in reel life. Anyway, it's good to emulate some good behaviours but have to manage your expectations when things doesn't work in your way.
    I also encounters this before when my kid and wife went to my in-laws. it's really tough and I gotta find my own programs to keep my occupied.

  2. aiyah..if i knew u were alone for the weekend, i panggil u out la.. i was in penang since Saturday till today, stayed in G Hotel..first time... very best la.. the room is so big and comfy, my kids love it very much, we extended another day bec of it.. convenient for makan and shopping too...

  3. with your two boys and your charming wife that compliment your life, you are indeed so blessed bro. dropped here today to read your posts. btw, i'm okay lah! probably a bit tired and stressed out from life's daily activities and tribulations. all is still well for the time being. God bless you blessed father. ciao!

  4. In Pursuit of Happyness is my kind of show. I love it very very much!

  5. i too envision myself to be the perfect blessed papa for my future children.