Saturday, November 08, 2008

You bet, i like extra marital affairs...........

When i scrolled down the comments you guys left in my post in relation to my post title "12th Wedding Endlessly", i particulary loved one comment that edi神 had to say, "have you everthought of having an affair ?" ok, as my blog title suggests, i bold-talk, and i will do you guys injustice if i were to say the answer sure i have.

I was even closed to have a real one played out at certain point of my life, i mean my marriage life, but my consceince is always staked against my guilt that i would have should i fall, and i would always tell myself, that i would not let my wife suffer from some silly things that is not of her wrong doing.

We started out as friend (more like a customer and supplier kind of business relatioship), i liked her, she was nice, she knew that i was married. She would always call me to check how i was doing throughout the day, man even my wife didnt do that, i tell you......hahaha. Gradually, i knew that our cordial friendship was taking another route, untill one day she confessed that she liked me, so here i was caught in between. A girl didnt mind having an underground relationship, and at the same i could still play out my role as good husband and father without their knowledge.

I knew at that point, if i were to be kicking it off, my whole family will be at stake, my entire family will crumble, and i too would lose my sense, losing my respect from my family. I vow over my dead body, i would not allow that to happen, so eventually the whole issue was subdued, and thank god, we are still good friends now, for i had never once in my right senses wanting to take advantage of her.

You might say, we are living in this ultra-modern world, and the value of our living is as such "life's short, just enjoy" and go get some excitements. Well, i too love to have enjoyment, i too love to have bevy of beauties at my expense, but then again, i will be deeply guilty if i were to see my wife suffer in silence.

Once, my wife told me it was ok for me to have affairs provided i could meet all of her material needs., she would ask not less than a BMW 3 series, a full facilities condominium, credit cards that she could sign till her heart's content. Well, lets come clean, even if i could provide whatever she asked for, she still wouldnot be generous enough to share her husband with another woman. (tell me if i am correct to say that)

I know, i was not spared and will not be from falling, but as a responsible husband and father, i must always remind myself, my flesh's desires will not be as dominant as my emotional's satisfaction.

P/S I Love You,,,, my dear


  1. hi bro. thanks for the visit and yes, i will say hi to her from you. i don't know bro? its getting messier by the day. i feel disappointed and so frustrated with the way "our" life is going. kindly pray for me and my children.

    p/s: pls delete this as soon as you read it. thanks

  2. thanks for sharing... =) it's good to know that you are human and have real struggles, which you've been able to conquer.

    tell u a secret: i think this is my greatest fear in a relationship, being betrayed by someone I love & trust.

    how should i react if something like that happened to my hubby? i really wonder sometimes...

    and I don't know which one i'd prefer, that he tells me immediately or that he doesn't tell me...?

  3. glad you didn't fall into the trap /respect =D

  4. I think guys like that are plain scum. How can anyone expect his/her partner to satisfy his/her every need?

    Even if one chooses to walk a different path n a different partner, there will be a point where d relationship will be stale. Will he/she walk off the path again?

    Just be happy with what we all have..once we're satisfied then grow from there.

    On a different note...RPK is free!woo hoo!

  5. I hate that kind of bitch! They know they could ruin a family and yet they still want an 'underground' relationship. Screw you bitches!!!

    I would not be generous enough to share my husband with another woman, unless of course, he would be willing to share me with another man? if he have an affair, then it would be fair if i have my share of fun... but think again, maybe not, no man would share his wife with another man.

    To my husband: Hey, sweetheart, don't let me find out you're having an affair, or I'll crush your balls and castrate you! *grrr*

  6. have not tried it before....wouldnt want it to ruin my now happy marriage life. besides, we're still VERY active...hahaha. too crowded for a 3rd. hahahaha :)

  7. when I get married. I never want to share my husband with anyone, in this case sharing is not caring even if he provided for all my material needs.

  8. Affairs will be the best sex of your life.

  9. Though i 've said this to my hubby "Whatever u do behind my back as long as i dnt knw it's ok. If u really desperate, pls use "condom" n dnt infect me!"..but deep dwn inside a woman is a woman..the jealous species that u will act differently from words mentioned when confronted with a real situation.
    That's why i agree with u that good sex life with your spouse is vital to keep him frm going astray & go hunting outside!

  10. bravo for the honesty.
    n might i add, ur wife is the wisest among all haha....

  11. taiko,

    wahh did u just made this up . I can create a better one lah. Ok2, if this was a true that all.

    Or did you miss the exciting part. Sorry taiko, just kidding.

    Ok la when I read your confession, I just like is this for real.Kalau I goyang jugakk

    As a muslim I can have 4 wife if MAMPU. haha, but rite now I am comfortable with one only.

    Anyway, klu ada affair ni risky.Destroy your family and life. So berhati-hati di jalan raya, accident do happen even you drive carefully :)

  12. no comments..haha..
    just remember the 10 commandments if u happen to fall.. but then who will remember those when flesh overtakes the mind, right?

    God bless u and family.. bro.

  13. Yes, not even a single woman would be willing to share her husband with other woman. I am glad that you hold strong towards ur responsibility to ur wife and kids. And it's great that you can maintain that good friendship with that lady. All the best to ur family and love happily ever after :)

  14. yes you are right about the line of thought that SHOULD follow when contemplating an affair.

    so now, where do i find a man who thinks like you?